Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

A really nice visit last weekend with Linda. She and I tried painted the town of Tacoma with a beautiful Sunshine for few days and we succeeded. It was a lovely time. We got to the Museum of Glass, The Seattle Art Museum for the traveling "Picasso" exhibit, we visited our future home "Le Castel de Lumiere". We saw the resident Racoon up his tree, we ate and drank and talked and went up to Issaquah to see Bunny and Mimi. Did a little shopping, art supplies for an adopted family and beads for our souls. A brief evening walk. Overhall a wonderful time. Now the rain has taken over and the roof damaged by a broken branch on the Castel de Lumiere has had some more damage. Flooding in the basement due to the broken gutter that sends a river of water right on the foundation. Then water in the attic. The fence is still to be fixed. Not a good thing. So no house by Christmas, hopefully by the New Year? We shall see how the problem resolve first. Only 10 days before my boy turns 25. Time waits for no one.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

WiggyStoner's Host Thanksgiving!

To Bend we went once again this month, this time for a fun Thanksgiving celebration. Travis' brother Eric was visiting and it was wonderful to meet him for this special tradition. While the Turkey and the Pork Roast were cooking we went for a nice brisk walk along the Deschutes River. Few people were playing ball in the parks in the snow. Few ducks were doing some comical landing on the iced river side. Others were just gathering in the open cold water. Walking back through the streets I found that amazing fence bordering an empty lot. There must be a really intersting story behind that one. Then it was time to eat and all was well consummed and appreciated. We had  pumpkin and pecan chocolate bourbon pies with whipcream outside around a cheerful fire. Just a great time all around. Curt, Travis and Eric went to town for a while and Emily and I stayed home and watched a movie. Cozy, warm and fuzzy. We left through Portland and reunited with friends that we had not seen for 19 years. It was just a lot of fun. They were so welcoming and made us feel like no time had elapsed. The Gross live in New Jersey and their daughter Allison just moved to Portland to live with her boyfriend. We had reunited earlier on Facebook and now the circle has taken shape with more project to see each other in the near future. Since them I have been in bed with a huge migraine that put me out for the count. Oh I am enjoying my new book "The Giant's House" by Elizabeth McCraken. Very different story. Don't know where it is going. No news from the our dream house yet. It is still following it's course.
So that is the story!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend with Emily

Another great time with Emily. We managed to do plenty in almost four days. Curt and Travis went fishing in Maupin, OR so we were left on our own to do all the entertaining. No problem with that! We got to do some shopping (Yarn, beads, books), we ate good food at home and restaurants, we did some wedding planning stuff, we watched two movies, we went on a long walk at sunset in the pines, we drank hot tatties at Macminitis, we read, we talked and talked and talked, Emily went to an interview and she got the job....

Emily went to work in Sisters and I spent that time at the library by a splendid fireplace looking at tree house books and magazines, I also visited the "Stiching Post" and was very proud that I didn't buy one piece of fabric. Anyway life is fun when I am with my girl.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Moody Monday: Occupied

"No Need to Vacate"

R. Stoner in Phoenix, Arizona

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Scarecrow With Murder On The Side"

My daughter had announced that she was going to be dressed as a crow for Halloween, along with ten of her friends, and so they did. Well when I told her: "Oh a whole flock" she responded to me: "Well it is called a murder of crow". Oh..., so that was new to me and I really liked that. I played in my mind with it, and played with it some more. I joked about that quietly to entertain myself (a bit lonely lately...and I have to supply most of the entertainment) and today, without warning, it translated into this piece. So of course I can't wait for it to be finished to share it because that is who I am and so here it is and it is all she wrote!!! (could not pass the opportunity there too)

 (it shows really blue on the picture but it is a dark grey with some green mixed with the midnight blue)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Between Two Rain Storms

Such an interesting weather to have, to hear and to watch. The sound of the rain as it battles the windows energizes me as much as a brisk shower would. I have more sense though than to go out and brave the elements at the moment but as soon as a ray of sun and the blue sky opens up: to the park I go, grabbing Gaia and my camera and here we go. All the foliage is turning right now. Not yet at it's peak but already colorful. The rain intensifies the autumnal colors and I go through them like an intruder with my dark clothes. It is not Warren, Pennsylvania but that will do. The park is full of life, dogs and their walkers, squirrels, ducks, seagulls... The soil is covered with the leaves giving their last breath, their last heart beats, their last hurrahs. I also see future lives in the horse chestnuts, the acorns, the maple seeds with their little wings. So much to see, so much to absorb. I am walking faster to try to bring some warmth into my body. It is crisp and clean. Everything looks so defined and pure. The sun rays disappear once again, dark clouds form in the massive menacing horizon. Time to go. Home again. The sound of the rain as it battles the windows soothes me and it is time to curl up in the big chair with a throw around me and pick up that new book, don't you think?

Sunday, October 3, 2010


 Far from being on the street I am still Homeless. My things are still in storage and for how long that is a good question. I am being productive in searching for a house but we are not ready yet to make a move on any of my finds so not much hope right there. So much of who I am is packed, just as my stuff is packed. It is bad enough to be derooted from my land, family and friend, it is another to have only my memories to keep me grounded. So here I am trying to work it out with a good attitude, making this present tense not so tense. I have been spoiled most of my life and I should be content with my perfect state right now. I have been teased with this little European vacation and I want more. Greed again. Do you know how much stronger the feelings of losses are than the ones of welbeing? I do embrace the strong feelings as it is making me feel so much alive. Drama queen maybe, maybe just in love with the Drama, the Opera, the Passion, the Love with a bit L I am trying to channel them into writings and images. A bit scattered most of the time but that also illustrates who I am. An eternal romantic wondering the pages turned and turned and turned again in search of the impossible without a concrete plan nor sticking to the list.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Successful Trip

Well we are back at home safely after two weeks of "Marathon Traveling". The mileage was impressive but oh so worth the effort. We got to see the most wonderful people in my family. I have been blessed to be born in this part of the World. The south of France is the most beautiful place on Earth. Touring through ancient villages uplifts my spirit to great heights. The rough cut stones have been the foundation of my love for this area. Of course the bountiful vegetation with the year round blooming flowers and fruits, the sweet sent when you walk and the vistas surprising you with the blue sky and blue water of the Mediterranean sea is something that I never get tired of. Anyway the people that live there close to my heart blend in this all perfect place and so although we had to drive long hours to get there to see all that for few days my heart and body have been fulfilled with a big dose of well being.
The wedding of Martin and Dominique was the excuse for the trip so here are some of the highlight of this very special day:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marburg here we come

After 10 hours of flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt we drove to Marburg where Curt and I visited his adoptive family in Germany. Curt's best friend Walter invited us to stay at the Rosenpark Hotel. Walter's Mother Josephina was waiting for us with three gorgeous cakes and some good strong Geman coffee. His sister Renata, her daughter Susana, his brother Mamfred and Mike another poor adopted son from the family were all there to share the feast. Such welcome! Just incredible. Josephina is an accomplish embroiderer specializing in the needlepoints of her area "Hessing".
She had to take many classes and practiced by doing exquisit work on linen that she showed me. I was amazed by what I saw. Flawless handstitching. She surprised me with a pillow cover of her creation that I am going to showcase in my house. It is just gorgeous in the most yummy tan color. I am a lucky girl. well a lucky woman since I have long passed the age of being a girl I suppose.
Anyway this morning after a very long sleepless night we had a delicious and extravagant breakfast at the hotel and went on a very much needed walk.
Up to the castle on the hill through town passing old home five six story high with elaborate facades dated from the 1500's.
The craftsmenship of the time is not lost around as they are redoing the slates roof in fish scales patterns to this day on the outside walls and the roof. What a feast (this time without any calories involved) for the eyes. The Church is also something not to be missed. The outside sandstone sculptures are so well preserved. I fell in love with the doors. The color and the hardware, and of course the scale.
Mamfred came to find us as we were having a Halfen Wisen at the terrasse of a cafe. I also had some bratwurst with Kartofen and Kraut.. A perfect combination for the beer. So off we were on our way for more to see in town. A botanical garden with a medicinal herb garden and some ancient trees. The remains of an old chapelle. Oh an a visit of Walter's office. It is located inside an old pension hotel "The Muller Haus". A large office with a beautiful two sided desk and a view of the river. Something to be proud of. Now back to the hotel for a quick nap and time to post this and then we shall have our Cake and Coffee around 4pm and dinner at 6:30 with Mamfred and his wife. What a life...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The WiggyStoner's came to call...

So Emily and Travis came over for few days last week. So fun to have some young blood in love around. So we did some going around, eating, checking, laughing, talking. It was full moon so Emily and I spent the night outside. We got to the Farmer's Market on Broadway, a little restaurant Rosewood Cafe that was to come back to often, to the Swiss for an adult beverage and a little bit of walking. So fun! Well of course I started missing them after 5mn that they were gone. Sniff!