Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend with Emily

Another great time with Emily. We managed to do plenty in almost four days. Curt and Travis went fishing in Maupin, OR so we were left on our own to do all the entertaining. No problem with that! We got to do some shopping (Yarn, beads, books), we ate good food at home and restaurants, we did some wedding planning stuff, we watched two movies, we went on a long walk at sunset in the pines, we drank hot tatties at Macminitis, we read, we talked and talked and talked, Emily went to an interview and she got the job....

Emily went to work in Sisters and I spent that time at the library by a splendid fireplace looking at tree house books and magazines, I also visited the "Stiching Post" and was very proud that I didn't buy one piece of fabric. Anyway life is fun when I am with my girl.

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