Sunday, February 5, 2017

Interesting to realize how symbols pop up in your life.

Have you noticed how we get into patterns in our lives. How we walk into circles and create patterns that trap us. Those circles can rule us and we can get stuck into routines, into bad habits, into how we view things in the same ways and get to be going back to the same starting point, into hitting the starting point and having a sense of deja viewed too many times. But those can be comfortable, those are what we know, what we can rely on. No escape there. The spiral on the other hand is a more effective way to travel. You start from your core, start working your way from your core into the world growing and growing without coming back to the same pattern with enlarging and here you go, you can look back but find solutions ahead and sideways but do not get trapped in what has been and what did not work. You are free to learn and move on. So with that thought in mind I went on to paint this exact concept. I started with my center core all pure and intact. I made circles around living some room in between to breathe. And then I retraced the path starting to my core and spiraling around it as a twirling dance. This life should be a dance of joy, of learning, of opportunities, of peace and kindness and love and lots of it. Afterward this, was to be preserved and protected and roots growing from top and bottom started to emerged shielding that precious volute. Those are boundaries, those wonderful boundaries that help you respect others and be respected. Your space protection. You can still go through it and reach this life but you have to have the courage, the desire, the interest, the impulse to inspect this closer. Beware of the spiral dance, it might take you beyond your self and send you to your potential.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Dig

Now is the perfect time to get  back in the bloggisphere. Not a question of loneliness,  a question of figuring out how to get from point A to point B. Does it need to be about traveling or moving into the future, assisted by a torch that can enlighten me of any rock in my path that I end up kicking by accident or on purpose? Such rocks can appear over and over on the road. They want to trip me so I loose my balance, my sense of direction and inflict me with great physical pain. As a collector I can appreciate this unusual hobby and I can get a sadistic pleasure in deciding what rock with be memorable, the one that will set me off course for weeks and then push me to fall heart first and scar me for life. The wise approach would be to stop kicking this rock further so not to trip again on it and not be a continuous subject of pain. I get to see it in the horizon and even sometimes in my pocket, and expect the worse out of it and yet I can't get myself to make myself toss it or, even better,  bury it, without drawing a treasure map to unearth it later. Its cutting edges have become a sensation that I crave and something that helps me go on the trail... but where was I? Ah yes! I wish I knew, I wish I knew. What lays ahead is uncharted, unfriendly, uncomfortable, unloved, undone, unknown and yet it is the hope of what won't be that make it all worthwhile and so, even so dim, I hold the light above my head and pray that the fire won't go out.