Monday, June 9, 2008

Open Studios, Book Club, Reading, Movie Marathon and Friendship

It has been a busy weekend. 17 artists and architects (Michele Suchland, Kim Marcucci, Sheary Suiter, K N Goodrich, Sheila Wyne, Alexandra Sonneborn, Brenda Roper, Susan Condon, mayer sattler-smith, mmenseArchitects, Black+White Studio Architects, Karen Larsen of creativespace, Erin Pollock, Garry Kaulitz, Sonya Kelliher-Combs, and Linda Infante-Lyons) were opening their studios for a tour organized by the International Contemporary Art Galley on Saturday. Jennifer decided to be spontaneous and joined Nancy and I for the Tour. It was a great experience to learn about what is behind those pictures on the wall... The reasons for their creation. The day ended with a delicious diner at Jessica and Mark. Since 4 members of the book club were present we decided to "pick" the selection for the October meeting. Drum roll........ the winner is: Room with a View by E. M. Forster. A true classic. Now that I am older... I might get something different out of this Victorian Novel. I have also gone to Florence 4 years ago and that might be fun to "visit" it through this book once again. Like Jennifer put it "It was a good day".
Today was yoga in midday and playtime in the afternoon with Terry. She took me to lunch and the bead store (Alaska Beads Company) and Seams Like Home. In between all those activity I found some time to read two short stories from Huraki Murakami's book, three chapters of Michael Chabon's book and three chapters from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Tonight I went for a Movie Marathon with three movies. Pretty easy and careless movies: 27 Dresses, No Reservations and Martian Child. Pretty cute all around on the surface. I had seen the German movie "Mostly Martha" that was done before the American version "No Reservations. This one is simplified a lot. A real hollywood remake not much to think about.
Time to sleep... I am starting "The Medicine Woman" tomorrow, the title of my work. I got some really cute mini bottles for it today at the bead shop. Can't wait to get started.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


There is something in my house that Robin wants. He appeared about a month ago and has decided to take down the window in the kitchen. He sits on the railing and flies into the glass panel over and over again. I say fly but he hops into it. He goes beak first and then splat on the transparent surface. What to do...? Well I have tried removing anything colorful and shiny on the inside. I have cut out of silhouette of a very menacing bird of prey and hang it at the window. I have bought a hanging basket full of geranium and placed it on the balcony. I have talked to him. I left the door open so he could come in and help himself. I have sent my ferocious Gaia (who by the way likes to stop and smell the Basil once in a while). To no avail. He comes back and I don't get his message. So I have decided that he might have hit the glass once to many times and that it has affected his brain tragically. (this picture shows how many times he hit the glass since we washed the window again... two days ago!!!!!!) He might also have a suicide wish or it might just be fun to him. He might be addicted to banging windows. Hard to say. I wish him well.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Elton John

You know when you listen to one song that brings you back to that special time? Well I would say that Elton John has done it for me over the years to set those flash backs with many of his songs. I was lucky enough to get 4 tickets to his concert on Friday night. Curt invited a very nice couple to come with us. (Todd and Susan A.). The three concerts (two in Anchorage, one in Fairbanks) were sold out in an hour for each. Alaska was ready for him and gave him a welcome that he claims never to forget. The Sullivan Arena (Our hockey stadium) was the site for the event. It was a strange concert with some people behaving like they were at the hockey game or in front of their TV, having regular conversation as they were eating their pretzel and Velveeta cheese and drinking their beers. You would think that they were not listening at all and then all of a sudden they would start singing along knowing all the words. Too funny. The acoustic was bad I would say but the thrill to see Sir Elton in person and listening to his legendary songs were enough to forget about the negative aspects. He was so giving to us Alaskan. Three hours of piano playing and singing by himself. Just him and his piano, some lights to add to the drama and voila. What an evening. Elton John was so grateful about the crowd , who roared every time that he stood up that he decided to sign autographs for a good 15mn. I even saw a red Dansko being handed to him. I was also impressed by the way he has aged into his stardom. He is a lot less flashy, a bit more fleshy, doesn't want to appear to still be a 20 years old "Rockstar" like others of his generation tend to do. His first song "It's a little bit funny this feeling inside" is my favorite of his and brings me back way back when my sister and I were still sharing a bedroom at home and we had his small vinyl that we would listen over and over. His last was "I'm still standing after all these years...." and standing he is and very tall in my mind. Thank you Sir!