Thursday, June 5, 2008


There is something in my house that Robin wants. He appeared about a month ago and has decided to take down the window in the kitchen. He sits on the railing and flies into the glass panel over and over again. I say fly but he hops into it. He goes beak first and then splat on the transparent surface. What to do...? Well I have tried removing anything colorful and shiny on the inside. I have cut out of silhouette of a very menacing bird of prey and hang it at the window. I have bought a hanging basket full of geranium and placed it on the balcony. I have talked to him. I left the door open so he could come in and help himself. I have sent my ferocious Gaia (who by the way likes to stop and smell the Basil once in a while). To no avail. He comes back and I don't get his message. So I have decided that he might have hit the glass once to many times and that it has affected his brain tragically. (this picture shows how many times he hit the glass since we washed the window again... two days ago!!!!!!) He might also have a suicide wish or it might just be fun to him. He might be addicted to banging windows. Hard to say. I wish him well.


Anonymous said...

Wow Roxane the Robin is out of control. I wonder why he is doing this.
Rick C
33 Days and counting.

Deb H said...

I think Robin thinks there's another bird treading on his territory. He doen't know it's himself!