Wednesday, November 28, 2007

California recap

The stay in California was a good one. After arriving and picking up Emily at the Train Station in downtown Los Angeles we arrived in Ventura directly unto the memorial that Cynthia had put together with the help of Gaylene and their bunco friends. It was wonderful to see family members that had traveled far to pay their last respect to Papa Bob. Gaia kept the ceremony a bit too lively at times but we were outside and there were too many birds and shadows to chase. So we talked and ate and hugged and kissed and reminisced until 10pm. Cathy, Holly and Claudia were there and it felt great to see all of Papa Bob's brood present for the occasion. After that it was a succession of gargantuesque repasts. We had a formal wine tasting at Gaylene, a lobster diner at the pier(Emily and I)(Delaney showing her beautiful smile), Thanksgiving, Salmon Tacos, Leftover Birthday Party for Cathy... Emily had the wise idea to drag me into her little walks from her aunt to her grandmother's house and it really helped keep those extra pounds under control.
We went to see "Wicked" the musical at the Pantages Theater in West Hollywood after a Pizza diner that Emily had done for us. Paul came with us. We ended up having hot dogs and milk shakes at Jerry's Famous Deli a must if you want outrageous Pastrami sandwiches at 1am in the morning.
Curt did something that I didn't think was ever possible for him to do... He asked me to go shopping for two sport's jacket on Thanksgiving night at midnight.... Yes the Factory Outlet Mall was opening at midnight and was offering different discounts.... Well it was a surreal experience. A cartoonist dream of millions of cars and people going in the dark from all directions to this lit up destination..... the place of the mega discounts.... ahahah it was unreal. Rv's were going in too. Were those people taking a vacation to the mall? I would call that Chic Shopping. Shopping with style. Anyway our store of choice Brooks Brothers was not the most popular spot of the night so we were in and out in 15mn. Good experience to have once in a lifetime.
We also shopped at Trader's Joe. Why don't we have one of those in Anchorage? Oh for Thanksgiving I cooked the Turkey with the stuffing and the gravy. Gaylene made a corn souffle and the cranberry relish, Bob made the sweet potatoes (two different ways), Emily made the three pies (apple, pumpkin and pecan), we also had mashed potatoes. I am sure I forgot something.
We also went to see "Enchanted" the movie Very cute and perfect for a family outing. Mc Dreamy from Grey's Anatomy is in it.... It suppose to be really something
We got to take a bit of time off to walk on the beach.
We played pictionary. I should have taken the pictures of some of the most "graphic" interpretation of the words. Most memorable word.... "Vibrate" drawn by Cynthia. You had to be there....
We left Ventura to Los Angeles and hugged Paul good bye on the way and dropped Emily in Hollywood were she was getting a ride back to Flagstaff from Tommy. This was in Beverly Hills on the way to Claudia's.We had a nice visit with Claudia in Venice Beach. (those are part of the public bathroom in Venice Beach, inspiring isn't it?).
more of Venice... and more
Then another nice visit with Bill, Kathy, Ryan and Dorothy Apps. Bill went to school with Curt and had come to visit him when he lived in France at my house. He has a beautiful house and gorgeous yard with white roses and poppies. Next morning we had breakfast with Cathy and David and his oldest son. Then lunch with Holly and Cathy.... see food food food. I would not have it any other way. hahahah
Strange tree that has a cousin in Portugal (see archives in Feb. 07)
Then back to the airport and Alaska via Seattle. Well that was a real novel. Not much pictures to illustrate all that talk but still a few.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goodbye Papa Bob!

Robert Claire Stoner

March 3rd, 1931 - November 11th, 2007

Curt's Dad has left us on Sunday morning. I am going to miss his booming laugh, his wit and his charm. He was unique and worth to know him. What found memories I carry in my heart. He made me love Los Angeles and it's little hang outs, it's architecture, it's beaches and it's history. He was to everyone "Bow Tie Bob". He was always the life of the party and he threw the best parties. From Halloween to the Kentucky Derby and the Mark's Brothers everything was a good excuse for a party. He loved food and was particular about how he liked it. His heroes were Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Howard Hughes, Ansel Adams. Strong eccentric men with visions. He enjoyed sport convertible cars and bicycles even tandems. He had a wide range of knowledge and could carry a conversation on many subjects. You could take him on a date to the library or a bookstore. His favorite spot I believe was Yosemite National Park. He loved skiing, playing Tennis, Sailing and bicycling. He was very proud of his children and family and recorded every events in their lives often on his walls. He was a proud man. He was an alumni of Penn State and followed it's football team with passion. I know I do forget things about what made him unique but to me those were the most important.
Thank you for the caring way you accepted me in your family Papa Bob. Happy trails behind the stars where the Unicorn rest...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday again???

Amazing how the weeks just pass by. I am looking at another week of work and then I will be leaving for California and will see my children. I am soooo happy about that. I miss them terribly. Anyway here are few quilts that have showed up in the studio
. This one is going to be called "Enlightement'. I am playing with this one. I am liking it. Notice that gorgeous fabric behind. Just got it yesterday.
This one is "I give up". It is almost done.
Today was a very productive day in an abstract way. I have found some kind of direction. Not sure if I can follow it right at this moment or for this show but I am looking forward to adventure there for a while. Terry and Linda came over to work and socialize for two days. It was a lot of fun. We watch movies and bounce ideas for challenges coming up for the Fiber fest. Once my friends left I got a surge of energy and stopped working shortly after 9:30pm.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Just a glimpse at another quilt under the machine. I think that this one might be called "I give up". Just a little "fun" about snow and how it is such a big symbol of Alaska that it is coming right in the house. The quilt has a house shape. The trees are in the house and it is snowing over the figure that just gives up.. The figure still need a bit of work.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I got a title for the show

Along the Labyrinth: A Journey in Fibre

Let me know what you think of the title. A lot is happening in the Studio... a lot of mess. I should take a picture to show the amount of "It". I can hardly function in this condition but I have no time and I mean no time to clean up. So I am doing some really good exercising jumping and going around and balancing....ahhahaha. Anyway here are some of the things that are coming out of that messy place. I am working "Spherically in many different directions".... I got that from the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun". It is suppose to be one of F. Fellini's great advice for success..ahhhha. Right now it is more of a chaotic way of doing things. I think that the important thing is to keep moving. So I am.
Here are two new pieces that don't have names yet
Can't work on that right now. The rest is cooking in my little brain and has been sketched to size. For the rest.... to be continued.