Friday, September 19, 2008

Good surprise

Well I have been traveling for a week. I am helping Paul move from CA to OR. I am in Medford, Oregon right now. Paul's place is really nice. We are getting his belongings today and it is going to be a busy afternoon. Upper unit and just the two of us. Where is the Mom's squad when I need them....???? Just kidding. I have had a computer crash before I left so my little laptop is at home getting fixed (I Hope!!!!!!!!), I have not checked my emails since I left and so what a surprise when I went online today on the "Breaking Traditions" blog to find out that my little quilt "Terry, Della, Diana" won as the favorite for the 2008 exhibit. I am sooooo jazzed. Not just for me but for my three friends that are going to have some recognition for their hard work in our community. So I am happy to share "the fame" (ahahhah) with them.
No ways of posting pictures right now about Medford but soon I hope. I am going to go back down to California in a few days and stay in Ventura until the end of October.
Love to all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fran Reed

The art community is in mourning. Fran Reed died yesterday. She was only 65. She was known around the world for her fish skin basketry. She had the most fantastic smile and a voice that would make you want to listen to her for hours on. She knew how to live. I feel privilege to have known her. I am going to miss you Fran.