Thursday, July 30, 2015

On Hot Days!

On hot days what to do but just wait and see. Lay low and cool off in the shade of the hours. Melting slowly to a state of puddle, one that carry you to the source, the one that sings lullabies and tell stories of long ago winters. It is a shame that now the times are scrambling the seasons into a future inferno. I rest and think and plan my escape to the cool shadow of the night  where the birds sleep and the sun burns the underside of my life.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

About Journaling

Feeling a bit nostalgic I was re-reading some old entries and oh it brought me right back to the good old days. I could even taste them and feel the weather sipping into my veins on those days. This is what makes journaling important, that even things for awhile are full of dust in a dark drawer in your brain, the written notes Spring wash those memories Mary Poppins style and zoom voilĂ  you are back there with its myriad of facets. What will happen to all this? I often ask myself and I always come back to this: what does it matter after I am gone. It had only its purpose to record my life for myself, to prove to myself that I lived all those things and that it was primordial to record them so I could live those moments multiple times if I so desired. But... Until I am gone those pages are validating my path. I will encourage any one to start journaling at any age but the younger the better. I wonder sometimes who is this young woman that would walk to work everyday day, singing to herself noticing every cracks on the road and every bird songs in the trees.  She is younger than my daughter is now.  What kind of wisdom would I give her. I would tell her to believe that she could do it all and to not worry so much and to know her heart before following it. I would also tell her that no matter what it is all worth living it and to make a mark on the piece of paper will make her smile in the future. Someday all those women that I've been will dance in a final dance of light and love and the energy will transform in a breath of wind, one last time, and, calm will follow its trail. But not yet...