Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travel and Gather

I have been on a Travel Spree. Short little jaunts here and there, no longer than a week, mostly 4 days. In those few days of very different interests, my senses have been on high alert. The "gather" alert. My 'sponge" personality is at its maximum capacity. Saturated by all the new visual and sensory materiel that I am absorbing non stop has not given me much chance to process and squeeze out my overloaded mind I must in the next few days wring out, distill and bottle up the essence of those trips for future recollection. In short I have gone to Sonoma County, Washington DC, Portland on the way to Bend in the last month. Not life exhaustion but a bit much for this mostly recluse person that I have become. I have enjoyed living in my new environment so much that any extraction from it needs to be of great value.

 So, seeing our long time friends from Germany was one, Visiting another dear friend in Washington DC even with potential thunder storms upon arrival was another, and visiting my daughter and her husband was a must.
 Next of being in good company, he walks were really the highlights of the trips. If it is in ancient forests, the beach, the big city, the museum browsing, the getting from point a to b, it is a thrill to me to use my feet and legs. As the body moves so does the mind and the speed at which I move is conducive to communion with what is around me (people, place and things). Spirituality  of the soul of some sort.  I will not advertise how many picture taking is involved into this as it might bore you or disgust you or even do nothing for you. For me I have those countless photos as point of reference, a lot more accurate than my memory and such fun to do. I can now leisurely relive the past in my present and future. I can even find the fine tune details that I have miss on first looks. I can now study at length and understand what I saw. I have a library of images that I can reference to when needed. I am also in this "Let's process all this" time do some background research, some serious magnifying thoughts and how could that be useful in any way or form. My creative energy is about to burst right now and need to come out in some way. The next few weeks should bring some colors in my little world and fill my life with intense passion for what I do, which is: to create.