Wednesday, February 28, 2007


We had quite a day of celebration yesterday with our friends. I won't go into details but we started the day with a beautifully decorated breakfast table with rose petals and fresh flowers organized by Walter and Margita and we ended up the day with a very special dinner at Vila Joya a small exclusive two stars on the Michelin's guide where the chef really outdid himself. We were there from 7:30 til 12:30. Drank Veuve Clicquot and 2001 cabernet sauvignon from a vineyard an hour away. The servers were more dancing our us and making the dinner very entertaining. So we were under the Portuguese charm.
I will post some photos later tonight. No time right now.... have to go eat again ahhhhahhhahah, it is a new hoby of ours and it starts showing in a bad way!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

25th Anniversary

Today is our 25th Anniversary!!! Like Curt says: Lots of Joy, Lots of Work!!! We are such good workers...
So here is a memory lane day with pictures of who we were then
A lot has happened in those 25 years and hopefully a lot more is still coming.
So here we were.... More later

Monday, February 26, 2007

A day in paradise

Well I can't really say anything negatif about today... that is surprising, isn't it? After a delicious breakfast with fresh yogurt, mangoes, pineapple and a pain au chocolat we went on a day trip along the west coast of Algarve on the atlantic side. Very secluded beaches with cliffs and surfs. Beautiful white washed villages. Fish soup for lunch. Ice cream on the beach. I think that I was a bit hot at one point... I am not complaining in the least.
Here are more pictures to give you an idea of what it is to be here??? I am enjoying it even more for those people that I had to leave behind...
Love you guys.

Not sure of the use of that on a boat but I was taken by the blue horns...?!?
Then it is Walter, Margita, Me and Curt
Secluded beach with cliffs

More of Vila Vita Parc

Here are some pictures that I took yesterday while lunching and dining. Life is pretty nice around here.

Villa Vita Parc in Algarve

We are now in Portugal, where the weather is sunny with a breeze and about 78 degrees. Not bad at all. We have already samples twice the bounty of the sea with lunching and dining on the beach. Upon landing in Faro one would think that we were arriving in the Anchorage area, but the ice is really only sand here.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Se hablas Espanol? un poquito... We arrived late in the night and got into a taxi and got dropped off 20mn later in front of our little Hostal Dulcenea on calle Cervantes #19. It was on the second floor of a turn of the 20th century building and we had to fit our big suitcases in the miniature elevator with the wrought iron cage. You know that one...? Too cute and so perfect. THe place was very small but very very clean and comfortable enough. I would stay there again. It was about 2 mninutes away from the Museo del Prado and the Thylssen. Which we visited for the first one fully and the second one in part in the same day. We had a really nice diner at midnight just around the corner from the Hostal. A plate with fresh goat cheese, blood sausages (one of my favorite) and sauteed potatoes and a red wine from local vineyard that was the best wine have had in a while.

After our museums adventures we had tapas con vino with the equivalent of a spanish proscuitto. The legs of the pigs were hanging behind the counter.... and not just the butt but the whole leg including the hoof!!!!

We had diner afterthat: Paella Valenciana with again a really nice robust wine. Anyway food wise we are doing well as you can tell. I still fit in my jeans but I am going to work on portion control so I don't end up having to buy a new pair in an emergency situation!!!

One bad thing was that pictures were not allowed in either museums. I had to buy postcards...

Velasquez, Rubens, Goya, Bosch (Garden of delight, triptick) some real gems of religious and secular art. Spendid serie of four Boticelli depicting the Decameron.

Here are some pictures that I took around town. Nothing too crazy.

It was a fun stay and made me want to go again for longer.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Les penitents

On the way back from Die we are following a road that goes through Sisteron, Forcalquier and Manosque. The high Provence as they say. Along the road there is a formation of interesting erosion on the cliffs. They are called the Penitents or the Guardians. They do look like they are persons, robed and watching the cars and the world go by. Here they are

of course they have faces when you look closely...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dans la Vallee/ In the Valley (La Cagne)

So.... today was the visit with Martin and Dominique in the Valley of La Cagne... Remember you ladies that came along for some fun at Martin's. Well his parents were sharing the good food with us. Champagne (for the seventh time since we got here...) then good bordeaux. Oh the food well, Merguez, Lamb steaks with parsley potatoes baked in the oven, fresh green beans with garlic and herbs. Dessert was a lemon tart... Yes Bunny!!! Really delicious and we had some Verveine liquor made by Martin. This year he has made Thyme, Lemoncello and Verveine liquors... What an excellent idea. I got a small bottle of each to take home with me. Yeah.

So anyway... here is a picture of us once again dining..... and outside where the sun showed itself just enough time for it.

The last picture is of our sunrise this morning. The rest of the day was spent on the road preparing for sending off some goodies to Alaska.


Dining with friends and family members... a real treat.

Well when vacationing in France it is a real coming home feeling when everyone you know wants to see you and invites you for lunch, diner and in between for long meals... so I have not been losing much weight yet... I am thinking that my diet is starting when I get back from Portugal.
So here are some pictures of our "Coups de Fourchettes" avec nos etres chers.
Chez Marie Martine (outside for lunch), Chez Carol pour l'anniversaire de Maman, avec Greta.
Bon J'ai Faim!!!!!! (OK, I'm hungry!!!!!!hahahhah)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Promenade Rue D'Antibes a Cannes

Here is my Mom resting after shopping all day in the Rue D'Antibes a Cannes. Fun time. I had to soak my feet in the evening.... Just kidding!

Here is the scupture by Armand sur la Croisette ...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Two days later...

After a long 26 hours of traveling we finally made it to Nice on the Riviera. None of our luggage made it, very typical of past experiences, so not a big deal... we had taken with us few extra necessities. We are having a fantastic 70 degrees weather... blue sky and sunshine galore. Are you guys jealous yet? I have taken pictures from the apartement that we rented in the same building as my mother's apartement. So here it is....
It is quite a view and the sea changes colors every hour.
Today we started the day with "Pains aux chocolat" then went for a long walk with my Mom in the Golfe Juan's Marina. Curt went golfing and My Mom and I went shopping in the Rue d'Antibes and the Croisette! We walked for 6 hours of walking. I have had a face pampering at Sephora with Bare Minerals cosmetic stuff. Love it so got it... I did really girly stuff that I don't usually do. That was fun.
We ran into my aunt and got a double capu together. Got to La Fnac to browse the new books and music aisles. Got a new David B. Comic Strip Novel. Love his stuff. Got some Arobio tea (earl grey flavor). Took pictures of an Armand's sculpture in from of the Malmaison's Museum on the Croisette. Will publish them together online. A body unraveling.... Quite interesting. Cannes was hosting the 25 (more or less) African nation leaders so the town is filled with secret service personnel, black cars, body guards and CRS (French Police). We felt pretty secured!!!!!!!
The jet lag is already under control by the way.
More to come later...


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In Seattle then Heathrow

So here we were in the sunshine in Seattle for few hours. Nice!

There were flowers and here is the proof.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For those of you who have seen some of the "Halibut Cove" quilt started, here is a picture of what I am leaving behind for few weeks. It is at a good stopping point I guess. I am going to have time to think of what to do next in the borders. Good thing that I am going to retreat at the end of March... My goal is to be done by the end of April.

I do hope that you leave me some insight on how you feel about it.

Only few hours before take off...

Friday, February 2, 2007

In prevision of a trip to Europe

So I have decided to open a blog to let my family and my friends know what I am doing when I travel without them.... The big adventure is starting February 13, 2007. Curt my husband is traveling along with me until the end of February. We are celebrating our 25Th years of marriage. Quite a journey! So I will do some pre-voyage posting in order to learn how blogs work.