Friday, February 16, 2007

Two days later...

After a long 26 hours of traveling we finally made it to Nice on the Riviera. None of our luggage made it, very typical of past experiences, so not a big deal... we had taken with us few extra necessities. We are having a fantastic 70 degrees weather... blue sky and sunshine galore. Are you guys jealous yet? I have taken pictures from the apartement that we rented in the same building as my mother's apartement. So here it is....
It is quite a view and the sea changes colors every hour.
Today we started the day with "Pains aux chocolat" then went for a long walk with my Mom in the Golfe Juan's Marina. Curt went golfing and My Mom and I went shopping in the Rue d'Antibes and the Croisette! We walked for 6 hours of walking. I have had a face pampering at Sephora with Bare Minerals cosmetic stuff. Love it so got it... I did really girly stuff that I don't usually do. That was fun.
We ran into my aunt and got a double capu together. Got to La Fnac to browse the new books and music aisles. Got a new David B. Comic Strip Novel. Love his stuff. Got some Arobio tea (earl grey flavor). Took pictures of an Armand's sculpture in from of the Malmaison's Museum on the Croisette. Will publish them together online. A body unraveling.... Quite interesting. Cannes was hosting the 25 (more or less) African nation leaders so the town is filled with secret service personnel, black cars, body guards and CRS (French Police). We felt pretty secured!!!!!!!
The jet lag is already under control by the way.
More to come later...



Nancy said...

Hi Roxane,
Great pictures! It's snowing here today, so I want to be in Cannes! Sounds like you're having a great time!
Say hi to your Mom for me. Miss you!

roxanestoner said...

Hi Nancy

So nice to hear from you. Today was my mom's bd so we went to my sister's and had a really fun family diner. So fun. We have had a really big wind storm in the last 24hs and it was pretty scarry. The sea was coming over the beach to land on the road between Nice and Juan les Pins.
Hope that you are staying safe at home and that you are continuing to improve everydays.
I miss you too! My email is not working well because of the gci upgrade, I need to get some time to figure it out.
love you

Deb H said...

You picked the right time to go, we're in the deep freeze with below zero every day!