Friday, February 23, 2007

Les penitents

On the way back from Die we are following a road that goes through Sisteron, Forcalquier and Manosque. The high Provence as they say. Along the road there is a formation of interesting erosion on the cliffs. They are called the Penitents or the Guardians. They do look like they are persons, robed and watching the cars and the world go by. Here they are

of course they have faces when you look closely...


Deb H said...

It's beautiful Roxanne. I think it would be good inspiration for another quilt!

It looks like you're having a grande time! Take care.

roxanestoner said...

Hi Deb

Thank you for checking the blog. You are right about inspiration... I would love to get going on some new ideas... Just have to be patient and try to keep those ideas down on paper for now. Take care