Sunday, February 25, 2007


Se hablas Espanol? un poquito... We arrived late in the night and got into a taxi and got dropped off 20mn later in front of our little Hostal Dulcenea on calle Cervantes #19. It was on the second floor of a turn of the 20th century building and we had to fit our big suitcases in the miniature elevator with the wrought iron cage. You know that one...? Too cute and so perfect. THe place was very small but very very clean and comfortable enough. I would stay there again. It was about 2 mninutes away from the Museo del Prado and the Thylssen. Which we visited for the first one fully and the second one in part in the same day. We had a really nice diner at midnight just around the corner from the Hostal. A plate with fresh goat cheese, blood sausages (one of my favorite) and sauteed potatoes and a red wine from local vineyard that was the best wine have had in a while.

After our museums adventures we had tapas con vino with the equivalent of a spanish proscuitto. The legs of the pigs were hanging behind the counter.... and not just the butt but the whole leg including the hoof!!!!

We had diner afterthat: Paella Valenciana with again a really nice robust wine. Anyway food wise we are doing well as you can tell. I still fit in my jeans but I am going to work on portion control so I don't end up having to buy a new pair in an emergency situation!!!

One bad thing was that pictures were not allowed in either museums. I had to buy postcards...

Velasquez, Rubens, Goya, Bosch (Garden of delight, triptick) some real gems of religious and secular art. Spendid serie of four Boticelli depicting the Decameron.

Here are some pictures that I took around town. Nothing too crazy.

It was a fun stay and made me want to go again for longer.

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