Monday, October 8, 2012

Where did it all go?

It is October! Yep, October! Where did it all go? This life of mine has been busy. It has seen and traveled and experienced new and old things, tasted and dined, drank and sipped, argued and loved, cared too much and hurt, conversed and created, walked and trekked and marched and climbed, turned and danced, remembered, missed and didn't, laughed and cried, collected and browsed, embarrassed and reacquainted, flew and soared and came back to starting point. Here I am once more with luggage of few months worth of living. A never ending adventure in progress. May it continue as it is for a while longer. Now the work begins, the long process of making order into this chaotic whirlwind of ideas and senses, this overloaded sensory feast of a busy summer. Rest, in order to work, Mmmm, that is a different concept but one that makes sense to me. Routine, blissful routine in my house of peace, let the calm of the days of Fall create an organised folder of memories to be regarded with clarity for years to come. So I breathe, repeat and begin to see.