Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To Skip a Year!

Well I didn't want to skip a year but it all happened naturally one day at a time and here we are a year + later and how ironic that my last post was already dealing with lost time. I guess I had to make a bigger point. So instead of starting where I left off should I plan out my goal for this coming year? Well that has never been very successful for me. Planning is a sort of spelling out all the things I want to do and will not materialized, as if just saying them aloud would released them into an abyss, never to be seen again. Going back to the missing year for just few lines will show a continuous state of busyness,  where this mode of marathon living leaves you with a permanent breathlessness. One thing or more melds into each other and you wonder a year later why??? Was it all worth the trauma? Well yes of course! The highlights as always were the family and friends visits, my furry companion, the daily photographs, the lovely consumed food, the touches and the scents, the reunion and the travels, the love and the life, the continued protection of the house, the creative challenges, the joy of the blooming garden, the intense feeling of the present, the glorious sun and the gifts of the rain. All this, made this year once again memorable.
I am grateful.