Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fiber on Wednesdays

Well I decided to post something about "Fibers" every Wednesdays or so. I got the idea yesterday as the front page of our "Beloved" Anchorage Daily News was showing a beautiful picture of Musk Ox and then same day in the Sport Section of the same "beloved" newspaper was another picture of Musk Ox... You might say as I did.... the Sport section... yes it was. I still haven't figured out why but I do like Musk Ox and so it doesn't really matter, or does it?
Maybe to introduce the new season of the Aces (our local hockey team)!!! I will have to think about it a bit harder...Anyway it gave me the idea to talk about this "prehistoric" looking animal that abounds in Alaska (according to ADN's article their rise in population since 1980 from 104 to 2,688 in 2007 (way to go big guys!!! I guess that can be considered a sort of Sport). Considering that this animal is legally hunted every year with special lottery tickets (that too might explain the sport section article...) the Fish and Game Department knows what it's doing. The meat is delicious. The taste is very much like beef but more tender. No gamy taste whatsoever. But the fur is what is important for the native of the region as they card and spin their wool into feather light yarn that can rival the best cashmere. That is the reason why I suppose the price of this is worth the price of gold. There is a name for it that I have not mastered yet the pronunciation "Qiviut". It used to be found only in natural colors of grey, brown and beige but you can now find really every colors possible due to the resurgence of the art of felting, knitting and crocheting. The best part is that it is Hypoallergenic. I have yet to use this fiber in my projects. I would be interested to keep those big dreadlocks whole and make some kind of fantastic piece. So to be continued for that idea. Thanks to Anchorage Daily News to get me started on my own little project.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

350 on 10/24, Terry Tempest Williams and Halloween Bunco, or was it?
Check out this site talking about activists around the World today(Oct. 24Th 2009) working on spreading awareness to the need of getting the air CO2 level to 350, it is this year recorded to be 385. Let us hope that the word sent is heard and that we can work all together toward a cleaner air. We share it so let's be nice to each other.
On another note but still connected to the environment I am reading "Refuge" by Terry Tempest Williams. After listening to her talking on NPR (press on the button"Listen to this Show" at the top of the article), the other evening about her new book (few months old already) "Finding Beauty in a Broken World" I wanted to learn more and read about this amazing beautiful and talented woman. Emily had gone to listen to her lecture when the book got out and was so impressed by her too that I had acquired a couple of her older books. So now reading "Refuge" is making me want to go back to Utah and spend some time bird watching and hiking in the Great Salt Lake area. Terry Tempest Williams has a way with words like a master painter like Chagall has with colors and images. Everything makes sense and is in harmony connecting all the senses with each other in a spontaneous but well learned and rehearsed dance. That level of knowledge is a gift only improving with age and experience.
Can you tell that I am enjoying the read? Her website is full of great links where you can listen and have first hand interviews with this fantastic person. Technology can be so good sometimes.
Finally, I had a fun night last night at Bunco with my friends. It was the annual Halloween Bunco where we always find a great costume to reflect our personality.... Well I guess I showed up as an Indian from India (you know my passion for India and Africa).... and I was the only one dressed up for the occasion!!! Oh I guess Nancy showed up as an Alaskan tourist. Sweat Shirt that said "ALASKA" and jeans... Ellen had a Fish Diva Sweatshirt.... cute though, Dawn appeared to be also a tourist with her Maui sweatshirt and jeans of course Barbara was in black same with Mary (vest), Dee and Becky which is appropriate for the holiday, Marcia had a scary little ghoul of a girl on her tee shirt so that might count for something too...but... What is up with that... Where is our sense of tradition? haahhaha. Oh well, once again I was the only foreigner in the room. Too funny! Good food, good friends, good drinks. Ellen has a beautiful new kitchen by the way. Carol was very relaxed. Everyone was happy to be there with or without costume and that is the custom! and that is the end for now!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nancy's Back, for a while and reading some graphic novels

So Nancy is back and it was fun to spend some time with my friend. We decided to go see "Earth, Fire, Fiber" the museum juried exhibit. The pictures were taken on a previous visit last month. We ended up having lunch afterwards at Muse. It's good to have Nancy back.
Well in the last month I have gone through a lot of Graphic Novels. Since about two years ago I have renewed a big interest in this genre. Those can be really serious pieces of literature where the drawing accentuate the flavors and moods of the stories. I even tried out the "Manga" style of Japanese graphic novel with the "Emma" series by Kaoru Mori. You even have to start the book from the back and work your way to the front, reading first top right section moving to the left and down and then left top page etc... I bit of extra challenge. To add to the twist "Emma" is the story of a maid in the Victorian times in England. Lovely drawings with so many elegant details. There was "Castle Waiting" by Linda Medley, a retold story of Sleeping Beauty. Very elaborate drawings of the landscape and castles in very small frame (How does she do it?). I loved that story where there was a group of "Bearded Nuns", a man with a horse head, and many more funny characters. The story is going on and on but I will have to wait for the multi episodes continuous volume to be published.
I read "French Milk" by Lucy Knisley; finally!!!! So many good reviews about it made me want to read that a long time ago. I loved it. Of course a mother and daughter going for a holiday in Paris. I could I not love that story. Then there was a sad one about a family with a very talented but abusive father that through himself in front of a truck when the narrator (daughter) was a teenager: "Fun House" by Alison Bechdel. I am still working on that one. A bit more "graphic" with that one with some nude and sexual scenes... Yeah well those are not for the young comic book readers.
So I am having fun with those. The library in Eagle River has a good selection and I am taking full advantage of it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Work of the Poet: Ruby Tuesday

Work of the Poet: Ruby Tuesday

I have decided to participate in this fun challenge. Posting something red every tuesday. Check on the link for more participants.

So here is my Ruby red on this tuesday

Monday, October 19, 2009

Moody Monday: Listless

Listless shadow,
Frozen darkness,
Vanishing heart,
Lost mind,
at sunset!
See Moody Monday for more list

Monday Movie Meme

Coming from the Bumbles:This week's movie topic is all about Westerns...
Once Upon a Time in the West: I was in love with Charles Bronson from the age of 12 until at least 16. This is a "perfect"classic Sergio Leone's Western with the best music from Ennio Morricone. Of course, great long close up shots of my favorite guy in the West. AHHHH!
Red Sun: Just fabulous!!! if you like Westerns that is. OF course Charles Bronson but also Toshiro Mifune and Ursula Andress.
Dances With Wolves: Love this movie. I was in love with Lt John Dunbar for a long while. Did I mention that I am a huge Romantic? I enjoyed the idea of right and wrong and the choices faced after you find your own truth.
The Wild Wild West: Kevin Kline and Will Smith. Funny and inventive.
and finally
Shanghai Noon: Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Two very funny characters. My favorite scene in both drinking in the bath tubs... A Classic Western, well OK, maybe not! But a good old fashion fun entertaining.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When life gets complicated it is good to dream!

So dreaming is of the essence around here. It can be achieved just looking out the window, driving to a favorite spot (Fish Lake), escaping through centuries through a book (at the moment "The Children's Book" by AS Byatt), closing my eyes filled with sunshine(Yes the weather has been so wonderful), beading bracelets of pretty hues (thanks to Becky O. for the pattern), going to see "The Lion King" (thanks to Nancy and Warren) and quilting summer scenery (Old Copper Birch tree for quilt). Who says that dreaming and reality don't really blend into each other? Can you really recognize one from the other? Pretty difficult for me anyway. Hope that you have many dreams in your reality and vice versa. Anyway my soul in those moments fills up with the necessary ingredients to face the parts that are given to me that I can't always choose and control. I then feel strong and ready. I am whole.
Happy Life to You!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 Booker Prize Winner

Well no big surprise here: Hilary Mantel's "Wolf Hall" is the 2009 Booker Prize winner. I was hoping it would be AS Byatt's "The Children's Book" but knew that the chance was slim. It must have been difficult to the judges to pick the winner this year as the shortlist was a very strong one.

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Blog Award and Library Books

I can't keep quiet about it... I have been honored by Margaret from BookPlease with my first and probably only Blog Award. It is called the "I Keep Coming Back for More Award". Then Margaret is also passing on another award to all the blogs that are part of her blogroll so since my blog is part of it I believe that I can claim that one too... That one is called "Superior Scribbler Award". I don't know about that but it is nice to be thought of that way. You have to know that Margaret is such a wonderful blogger. She has opened up my reading to the World of Mystery Novels. Her reviews are inspiring and she also has renewed my interest of going to the Library. So thank you so much Margaret for so many things.