Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When life gets complicated it is good to dream!

So dreaming is of the essence around here. It can be achieved just looking out the window, driving to a favorite spot (Fish Lake), escaping through centuries through a book (at the moment "The Children's Book" by AS Byatt), closing my eyes filled with sunshine(Yes the weather has been so wonderful), beading bracelets of pretty hues (thanks to Becky O. for the pattern), going to see "The Lion King" (thanks to Nancy and Warren) and quilting summer scenery (Old Copper Birch tree for quilt). Who says that dreaming and reality don't really blend into each other? Can you really recognize one from the other? Pretty difficult for me anyway. Hope that you have many dreams in your reality and vice versa. Anyway my soul in those moments fills up with the necessary ingredients to face the parts that are given to me that I can't always choose and control. I then feel strong and ready. I am whole.
Happy Life to You!


Deb H said...

Your poetic phrases & beautiful photos have left me feeling blissful! Thanks Roxane!

Anonymous said...

I was dreaming about you Roxane and came upon your words. Lovely! Have you received my box? Hope there is something to retrieve from it. Thank you for your dreams.

Nanc said...

Thanks for the beautiful words and photos. Can't wait to see your Fish Lake quilt.It looks like you are making great progress!
Still pinching myself! See you soon!

BooksPlease said...

Your photo of Fish Lake takes my breath away - so beautiful. Truly a place of dreams.

Iliana said...

Ah Roxane what a great post. I've been struggling with some things and know I need to learn more acceptance rather than fighting what you can't change. I agree, we have to have those dreams to get us through the yucky reality moments. Holding on to those dreams makes life good.

Happy Life to you too! I'm off to yoga this evening and hoping to have a nice, relaxing and comforting session.

I love the pics, by the way :)

christine Cluff said...

Really beautiful post - extremely poetic. I love the mixture of words and photographs you use.

I like that idea of mixing reality in dreams. Sometimes that is what gets me through the day.... ;)

roxanestoner said...

Deb, Thank you very much for your comment.
Linda, Thank you for the dreams in the box.
Nancy, Thank you, It is going to be good to have you back around here for a while. No more pinching... it is real.
Margaret, You should see it in person, it is amazing.
Iliana, I know what you mean about acceptance. I do think that one should not give up but needs to stay strong as the trouble is going on. Hope that Yoga helped you as much as it helps me stay grounded. Do you know the poem "Making a Fist" by Naomi Shihad Nye. That is one that always help never to give up. Thank you once more.
Cathy, Me too without the dreams how could we live on with hope. Thank you so much for your comments.

Anonymous said...

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