Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Around the Studio and Beyond

Un petit tour d'atelier cela ne fait pas de mal. It can but one would have to look where to step and be careful of what to touch. Needles can make their way onto the floor and  travel so easily onto the surface of the tables. There are some obstacles like piles of fabric or work in progress that need to be stepped over. The occasional book piles and art supplies left on the floor. But please come in, now that you have been warned...

A lifetime of hording, that is sizable if  horded in one room, or one level, or one house. Add the same amount of years of patina over (dust some would say) and you have a pretty good idea of my space. A place to let one's imagination loose.

Where the visitor feels free to make a mess and not worry about it. Work on what one fancies. It has everything one would need, and more, much, too much more. It feels perfect to "this person".

You have the  children's projects hanging on the window's corner, the stacks of yarns, the inspiration board with multiple must do projects, the collections of whatever this person collects, the large amount of books on shelves and close at hand on the floor, the gifts from loved ones, and then of course the memories.

Sit, take a time out from the World, come and rest in meditation and listen to the soft music from the wind blowing through the trees,the birds nesting and the gentle rain landing on the roof.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Will Spring Ever Come?

I have had a bad case of the Winter's End. I feel stuck in a grey scale again. I know there are really some other colors in the yard and trees but this lead color sky and stagnating air is just bringing me dowwwwwnnnn.

Off for a walk today (last weekend), by the water, should have done the trick, but, nope. The air is so cold still and people wear too many clothes. Gloomy!. It was busy on the trail, dogs taking their owners on a walk. Those were happy beasts, all ears in the wind, nose pushing ahead, having a purpose. Well I was dragging. I did take some pictures. So inspiring to see all that grey scale around.

 Even the birds were in tone, black birds, cormorants, crows, ravens, eagles. Gloomy! I also felt cheated because the weather man had said we would have some sun showing up. Well, nope. There was also a strange sound coming from under the pier.

 Like a ghost sound done by the wind. At first I took it for a barking seal, but it was stranger than that and pretty daunting. Something that would send chills up your spine. My fertile imagination doesn't need much to activate the sensory buttons. I had already few scenario of how this sounds could have it's origin. Hello Tana French would you like some help for the next murder mystery case...

Oh I was on the edge of Chambers Bay. It is an old sand pit turned into a golf paradise. Very challenging course from what everyone is saying. It will host the 2015 US Open Championship. Are you impressed yet? Well you would not think so right now just coming out of Winter, it looks in need of Vitamin. There is a nice paved trail all around the golf course and it is hilly. I was feeling on the last 1/3 meandering through the up and down terrain. Someone designing it must have had a sense of humor and a golf cart!!!

The beach is a dream for the photographer. The birds, the weathered logs on shore, the rusty shacks, the railway, old gravel factory like ancient vestige. A pretty random mess ending up being interesting and sad, at least worthy of being captured on SD.

And here we go, I have managed to drag myself out of a mire depressed state and turned it into a memorable energized time. Who says that life is boring even if your World is grey?