Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Leaf Peeper's Ode to Fall

There is no need of words to express the splendor of the season:

Friday, September 18, 2009


When things slow down it is time to reflect. Canceling my trip to France (for economic reasons) has been a really hard thing to do. Many of my family members and dear friends are aging. I have missed so much already, living so far. One good thing is that my daughter Emily is, at the present moment, in company of loved ones enjoying the "Cote d'Azur" 's sunshine, food, sights... Thanks to blogs like "Tongue in Cheek" once in a while I am transported to this World that I know so well and where my spirit is deeply anchored. So with a bit of Nostalgia but also a bit of Happiness about knowing that this special place is still there and is not loosing it's charm and flavor. If you click on the photo, you will see a few of my favorite things...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Fall, a bit early in my part of the World. My favorite season because of it's gold colors. This week has shown some transitional signs on the mountain. Slowly things are shifting in color and the temperature already low is walking backwards. We are to move things in the slower mode. Reading is once again a comfort in the long evenings. I have welcomed two geraniums in the kitchen. They are encourage to live and wait for next May in a protected environment.
Last Monday, I had invited the TAS group to come to my house. So we were about 8 altogether after Jennifer passed by on her daily run. We had excellent food. Bekky's husband had caught some Halibut the day before so she brought some (there is nothing like fresh Halibut), Diana had made her legendary "Chicken Enchiladas", Terry brought artichoke dip, Becky (the other one, same pronunciation different spelling...) some peach cobbler, I provided smoke salmon from Bernie's excellent recipe, Della had some moose summer sausage (looks like a salami and is fabulous). Just to show you all that in Alaska we do not starve even though most of our food needs to be fished, hunted, gathered or imported!!! Oh yes we did work on our projects too...
Curt turned 51 on the 31 too. He had his "escalopes a la creme" with mushrooms, asparagus, sauteed cubed potatoes and his Double Chocolate Cake that he so loves. A more subdued celebration from last year but warm and cozy at home nonetheless.
Today is one of those glorious light days when the tree shadows dance in the house. I love the strong contrasts.
I have discovered "Listen Alaska" a service provided through our local Library that allows us to borrow and download a large selection of books. I have had the pleasure to listen to "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. First of a Trilogy this story is most compelling. A chilling atmosphere as life as we know doesn't exist anymore and this scenario of the future could potentially happen if we are not careful with the use of our so loved freedom. Sounding a bit like Margaret Atwood's "Handmaid's Tale" with a more juvenile and pure look. I am looking forward to the next two books. Number 2 is out already "Gathering Blue". I have put a hold for the next recording available. At the moment I am fully enjoying the book "Drood" by Dan Simmons. Charles Dickens comes to light, at least the 5 last years of his life, in this book narrated by Wilkie Collins. Dan Simmons has taken historical facts and created the story of Mr Drood and his scary demeanor and has woven the lives of Collins and Dickens. If you have read anything by Wilkie Collins you will enjoy the tone of the story as it could have been written by Collins himself. I have learned much of Dickens and his friendship and private life through this book. So there I am now fully ready to read "The Moonstone" when the weather is getting a bit colder and I need a mental trip to India. I have found a lovely copy of the book at our new bookstore: The Apple Tree in Eagle River. It dates 1944 and has beautiful illustrations by William Sharp. It has 444 pages. I like that easy number to remember and matching somehow this edition. Don't you love the bright yellow cover? It matches the colors of the mountains around here another good reason to select this read.
At the Library I have picked "Among the Mad" by Jaqueline Winspear . I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue reading from the Maisie Dobbs series. The last one was a bit repetitive and predictable to me, but saying that I like Maisie and want to know what is going to happen to her... I am reading also "A Fine Balance". India again and at it's most bare bones. Tough to read at time because of the injustice encountered, even harder because it is real.
Then I also got at the Library "Tiny Houses" by Mimi Zeiger. Just very impressive and inspiring. I am looking to remodel a small place I have in France and want to take advantage of each square inches to make it livable while on vacation. If I ever live in France again I could keep it as my Studio. Anyway the book is very interesting showing many floor plans and pictures.
I also picked up three movies at the Library: Come Early Morning, Closer and Tsotsi. So we shall see... Literally!
I also have downloaded few books and will have to listen to those in the next two weeks. (Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman, The Piano Teacher by Janice Lee, Peony in Love by Lisa See, Pictures at an Exhibition by Sarah Houghteling, A Short History of Nearly Anything by Bill Bryson, finally.... Through a Glass, Darkly by Donna Leon. Wish me luck....