Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

"The Ruby Red Baron"

Ruby Tuesday: This picture was taken in Nice during a "Bataille des Fleurs" on the Promenade des Anglais. A February day on the Cote d'Azur.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

new one

I just got that idea of a title: "Mommy Mummy" for this little piece.

Surface Design Organisation

Nice show at the MTS Gallery on Mountain View Drive in Anchorage, Alaska. 16 artists with different view and techniques using fiberart as their medium. Pretty colorful show in the still dark winter of Alaska.
Mary Hertert's yardage and assemblage: My stuff:Ree Nancarrow from Denali:Nancy Dobson's framed pieces: This is one of the three pieces from Z. Denise Gallup
Here are Mary Hertert and Nelda Warkentin are in deep conversation in front of beautiful organza layered wall hanging pieces.
Very nice to be part of that group.

Friday, February 19, 2010

"On a Limb" and "Bearely Hanging"

Two titles for those two well underway quilts.

Also the skirt for the Mask is to be done tonight after I get back from "Mark This": the Mountain View Gallery opening. I will take pictures of the whole display of art from 16 alaskan artists, members of the Surface Design Organisation and then post it really soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

More work and Ruby Tuesday

Things tend to happen in their own time and timing is everything. It is a bit frustrating in the meantime. So I have been putting my frustration to good use in taking care of the house for ghosts visitors and friends (thank you to all of you by the way). So I have started a new piece. It has been one that has been waiting patiently to be made. I am not totaly sure about the color choices. I absolutely wanted a blue bird color on the right. The yellow is complementary but a bit predictable in my opinion but It might work anyway. I do like the contrast in the tones. Maybe it means a little more nuances in the blues. Anyway I am having fun with it. The other one is progressing, I do let things brew a bit before finalizing my ideas. I do like his voluted eye on the left. I have to find the twin bead that I have to put on the other side. I want to add another tooth on each side too. Note the shark teeth on the extra middle mouth... He's a scary dood! Maybe I will call it "Drood"!!!
The fermentation process is tricky as if it brews too long it is never being completed and goes stale. I have few of those failed good ideas. So this is not going to be one of those.

So now for the Weekly fun:

"Ruby Slippers"

Ruby Tuesday

Moody Monday: Unloved

The discarded symbol the day after Christmas is such a sorrowful sight. People can't wait to get the tree decorated and can't wait to trash it. Isn't that the real symbol of unloved? It is to me. Such a waste of a beautiful living tree.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Silent thoughts

I socialized a bit the last two days so not very productive in the studio when that happens. Although I made progress before that and so here it is.

Another grey day outside but a lunch later with a friend will bring in the needed sunshine in my head to be happy. The house is pretty quiet and it is rejuvenating. I do love silence so at times. I do crave it. Other times it is maddening but can quickly remedy it by getting out of my warm peaceful cocoon for a spell and get into the "Walmart" brouhaha down the street. It is pretty pathetic but it does the trick because I can't wait to be again in my silence once more.

Cabin fever is such a trick. You don't notice it until you just can't breathe and need to open that door and get out at all cost.

The sky is a great source of meditation around here. There is always something changing that makes me stop in my tracks and stare. It is not the Zen type meditative state as it is way too exciting and energized. It is really the only moving, changing landscape around here. The birds have been extremely scarce and looking at the feeder you can imagine that they are frozen somewhere else. So yes, trees are still, houses shut and quiet, rarely any cars down the street during the day. Same about people apart from the occasional kid going to the bus stop. So the sky is the movement that makes you believe that something is alive out there and it is not just a scenery. I have taken really many pictures this winter of this ever busy field of heaven. Ironically it seems that the sun is always trying to spy on us through a hole in this massive grey ceiling.
In the next few days things are going to move fast as I am showing two pieces at the International gallery in Anchorage for the Surface Design Association Exhibit. Then it is the Quilt Walk organization for the FiberFest 2010 coming up in Early March and a Show at Virtu with my very good friend Nancy Dobson.

About selling the house it is not happening. Only two showings in a month. Somewhat disappointing but to be expected in this economy. Well there is not yet a hurry for it to happen.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An afternoon in the studio is a good afternoon

What to do when you are stranded again because of your meds and an heavy fog outside? You are heading for a warm studio. I have been working all afternoon and it is sooooo good. I have missed doing that last few months. The few times I have been working was upstairs on the dining room table.
Few projects have been waiting patiently and will have to be for a little while longer.
A nice clean space was there to inspire me to.... mess it all up again but I have been really good at throwing my paper cuts in the trash bin and limit the amount of fabric to audition and folding the fabric after going back upstairs for the night. So things are working out just fine.

Another African Mask was screaming to be done.

I might make two of those one in the Wood tones. One in the maroon/pinkish hues. Just for fun. For another mask I have directly printed on the transparency from my sketch book. It is jumping up a step and making the lines more accurate to the original design.
Listening to great music makes the world outside disappear, then listening to a book on tape later made the time wiz by so quickly.

Monday, February 1, 2010