Sunday, February 21, 2010

Surface Design Organisation

Nice show at the MTS Gallery on Mountain View Drive in Anchorage, Alaska. 16 artists with different view and techniques using fiberart as their medium. Pretty colorful show in the still dark winter of Alaska.
Mary Hertert's yardage and assemblage: My stuff:Ree Nancarrow from Denali:Nancy Dobson's framed pieces: This is one of the three pieces from Z. Denise Gallup
Here are Mary Hertert and Nelda Warkentin are in deep conversation in front of beautiful organza layered wall hanging pieces.
Very nice to be part of that group.


Nanc said...

Thanks for sharing, Roxane. Looks like a great show. You are really on a roll with your creations! Way to go! I'll have time to work in my studio.....someday.

roxanestoner said...

It is a great show, your pieces are right where the desk is and they look fabulous. As for my creations well a little peace and quiet does wonder for me.

Lionheart said...

Very nice show, I wish I could have seen it in person.Your art gives me encouragment.