Saturday, July 30, 2011

When you cannot travel into the World, the World comes to you!


The Ethnic Fest in Tacoma is going on this weekend starting today. Today was a trip! It was my little trip around my world. How can people even try to want to unify anything in this World so colorful. We should be able to live in harmony with each other and keeping our own traditions, likes and wants without any problems. When I looked around today there were men, women, children of all colors, size, religion, sexual preference, of every taste, rhythm, style, nation, political preference, wearing everything possible and impossible. Everyone was looking happy, engaged in the day, looking content and ready to smile at each other, eager to learn from the difference of each other, sharing the experience, swaying back and forth with the music offered on stage. There must be a way to extend this state of acceptance and happiness and try to keep it unified in the day to day World.
 It was a nice experience, a stimulation that is always welcomed in my life. I just feed on the diversity. The colors of life around are endless. A good way to feel alive and connected to the World without leaving my hood.
This evening ended with a movie in the Park.
How perfect is that?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paper, Pen and Ink and Other Marvels

Well life is going along just as predicted, one day at a time. It can be frustrating and hectic but there are wonderful cures for it. It includes heavy treatment I mean serious sessions of Paper, Pen and Ink communion. The results are not necessary the point like so many endeavors but the actual act of using the medication. The movements, the rituals, the materiel, all are conducive to instant relief. Try it! it only take moments to feel the benefits. So here are some of the heavy medication that I have prescribed to myself. It has worked wonders and I may continue the treatment as a prevention for what is next to come.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

High Spirit Monday

This is new as the Moody Monday Blog has taken a sabatical and I still want to publish my pictures on Monday and I actualy like Mondays, nothing to be blue or moody about (for me that is). So here is my
High Spirit Monday #1 Picture

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coming Back "BITS by BITS"

So many things have happened in the last few months. It is hard to know where to start and if all is worth in few words to comment on those amazing events that took place in my life. Summarizing would not come close to the inside turmoil and emotions that took place. So let's just say that life is amazing and I embrace it will the good and the bad. As long as I can feel and remember those feelings I will go on wanting more.
One of the main events was my daughter Emily getting married to Travis. What a thrill to witness their declaration of love and commitment to each other in a decor of peace and growth among their family and friends. The absents were still among us with a quiet minute to think about them at Travis' request. My daughter now bears her husband's name, she has entered a new cycle in her journey. They have chosen well to walk the road in company of each other.
My Sister and then my Mom came for the wedding and it was such a joy to spend time with them, separately and together. I am so lucky to have them in my life. We met Travis' Family ahead of the wedding and really liked them all very much. The Moms were asked to make the Marriage Certificate and I must say that Margaret and I came up with something pretty special to match those two special children of ours.
Another event is the return of my son Paul to live with us for a spell. He has been a lot of help around the house and especially the yard which has decided to grow weeds in profusion. So we are at it everyday some times all day. It is amazing to dig in the dirt. I absolutely love it. The ground is filled with the fatest worms hence the many robins around our home. The peonies and old yellow austin rose bush are doing more than great, they are spectacular. The rest needs improvement. I have grown a couple of oriental poppies that are doing well. So overall things are well in the yard.
The house feels lived in. The rooms are becoming inviting and making history in our lives. Our candlelight dinners are times to share not only food but the events of our days. The routine is quiet and mellow. I am really loving Tacoma especially our North Slope neighborhood.
The weather has been rainy visited by rays of sunshine. Windy and cold for most of June. July has improved and we have hit some tshirt temperatures. Finally!

I have fallen in love with a yard few blocks from my house. A collection of strange old plants that are growing in a bohemian way, no order but total beautimax. One rose bush has the most interesting color and I am looking for the name to try to find it for my garden. My friend Jennifer was with me for few hours, wanted to walk between airplanes we took a stroll to the park, that is when we discovered this place.
My studio is taking shape. Paul helped by shampooing the carpet as we were so eager to move in that it had not been before and was in bad need. It is now spotless Love it. Now I can organize and spread out my wings.
Thinking of that, two of my quilts (Endless Possibilities and Vernacular Protection) will be at the Lynwood Library from July 8th til August 11th then another one (This Way) has been selected to be in the 25 years anniversary of CQA that will be in view during the APWQ show in August. Such an honor for me a newcomer to the area.
So that's a full plate but I feel hungry and ready to sit at the table for more. Those are the last few years of my life that I am planning on spending in full throttle mode. I need my 8 or 9 hours of sleep but other than that I want to LIVE. So there.
Reading wise it has been pretty slow. The pile of TBRB has been getting bigger and bigger and I am still lagging with few pages to go of "Great House" I do love it and it is like good wine I sip it. Few sentences have stopped me on my tracks and I can dream a while of that.
Stopping on my long narrative now so I can go back to my book and glass of wine. Both as stated earlier are to be sipped. Yum!
It's good to be back little "BITS" at a time!