Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paper, Pen and Ink and Other Marvels

Well life is going along just as predicted, one day at a time. It can be frustrating and hectic but there are wonderful cures for it. It includes heavy treatment I mean serious sessions of Paper, Pen and Ink communion. The results are not necessary the point like so many endeavors but the actual act of using the medication. The movements, the rituals, the materiel, all are conducive to instant relief. Try it! it only take moments to feel the benefits. So here are some of the heavy medication that I have prescribed to myself. It has worked wonders and I may continue the treatment as a prevention for what is next to come.


Deb H said...

Wow! These are great!

Hope life is good for you there! You are missed.

roxanestoner said...

Hey Deb, Thank you. Strange not to be part of the Alaskan scene too. I am really enjoying this area a lot. There is so much to do. Are you coming down for the APWQ show? Let me know I would love to see you.