Saturday, July 30, 2011

When you cannot travel into the World, the World comes to you!


The Ethnic Fest in Tacoma is going on this weekend starting today. Today was a trip! It was my little trip around my world. How can people even try to want to unify anything in this World so colorful. We should be able to live in harmony with each other and keeping our own traditions, likes and wants without any problems. When I looked around today there were men, women, children of all colors, size, religion, sexual preference, of every taste, rhythm, style, nation, political preference, wearing everything possible and impossible. Everyone was looking happy, engaged in the day, looking content and ready to smile at each other, eager to learn from the difference of each other, sharing the experience, swaying back and forth with the music offered on stage. There must be a way to extend this state of acceptance and happiness and try to keep it unified in the day to day World.
 It was a nice experience, a stimulation that is always welcomed in my life. I just feed on the diversity. The colors of life around are endless. A good way to feel alive and connected to the World without leaving my hood.
This evening ended with a movie in the Park.
How perfect is that?

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