Friday, August 12, 2011

And a birthday flies by once more...

Celebrating another year of being alive.
I'll take it!
Looking back on this last year one can say that it was a very full year.
Lots of growth. Lots of learning.
Many new pictures to capture my interest, many new tastes to open my mouth, many poems to absorb
Lots of adjustements, lots of compromises, lots of changes
Much to be grateful for, much to  reflect upon, much love to give and receive
New stages, new accomplishements, new vistas
Old friends, lost friends, newfound friends, all cherished chosen ones, fareway and close, forever lost ones remembered
Joy, beauty, well being, breath going in and out, heart beating fast, heart full with more room to expend
Gatherings, meetings, celebrations, few chatter,  loneliness
New nest, new feathers, new skin
Many moments to make one feel alive
It is all in all well worth the miles of unknown on this road, it is well worth the journey


Carol said...

C'est très joliment dit. Tu as une jolie plume ! Tu devrais te lancer dans l'écriture. je te souhaite une année pleine de belles découvertes, d'amitiés, douces à ton coeur et d'autres merveilles à vivre. je t'aime.

Iliana said...

Happy Birthday, Roxane!
Wishing you a year filled with health, love and happiness!

roxanestoner said...

Merci Carol, venant de toi je vais peut etre t'ecouter et essayer quelques lignes
Thank You Iliana.

Anonymous said...

nice ! please visit me back @ ! thank you ..

Lionheart said...

Happy B Day Roxane.

Lovisa said...

Loovly picture !!!