Saturday, August 25, 2007

On the road to Flagstaff

It is with a bitter sweet taste that we left Grand Junction. We had such a Grand Time that it was hard to leave but it was exciting to get on the road again and experience new vistas. And we sure did. I was also very happy to see Emily and see her new surroundings in Flagstaff. So we left and followed the Colorado River for a while. It was another experience that would bring tears to your eyes. You just can't imagine that such beauty in color, texture and pattern can happen in nature. I was so excited about every bend on the road. I had to stop every five minutes of so to take pictures. I wanted to take the whole mountain range with me and the color and the light and the sent. It was a magical moment. One that you want to be able to replay in your mind and say I really experience that much beauty once.

We stopped in Moab for a quick lunch pick up. Fun town with lots of outdoors outfitters offer biking adventures and down the river rapids day trips and mountain climbing and yoga on the rocks.... They are really exploiting this area. I would love to go back and do some horse back riding some day.

We also saw some of the Monument Valley.... Nothing to add to that but "I can't believe that I am in the Western Movies of my Youth!" I thought that Charles Bronson was around every corner of the road on his horse. I was raised on those Images. I wish I had soundtracks of Ennio Morricone's movie to add to the drama. Just gorgeous!

We arrived in Flagstaff around 5:30 and got to Emily's apartment. It is really cute. Will post more about that tomorrow.
Well here you go

Ouray, Ouray, Ouray

So did I tell you that Nancy and Warren have a house on Ouray Street in Grand Junction. That was reason to Cheer three times Ouray!!!! So we did! Their house is everything that you want in a little charming house. I looooove it! There is nothing to do to it. Everything has been redone in a very tasteful way. They are going to love living in Grand Junction so much that Alaska is going to be an after thought. We enjoyed helping Craig (Nancy's Son) get set up and teach Gaia to not bark at everything that moves ( water spray bottle in hand). So here are some pictures of our stay at the house. Nancy did give us a grand tour of the downtown area where Main Street is lined up with fun scuptures. Some are even for sale.
We did go to Palisades just a town over and tasted some wine and port. They grow good grapes in the area for sure. We decided to buy some good cheese to go with our good wine and had a last night feast. It was fun to toast, taste and be merry once again in Ouray, Ouray, Ouray's house.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Colorado National Monument

OK here is some more information. Nancy took Bunny and I to the Colorado National Monument. Just an incredible place where you cannot voice anything except those sounds that you make while watching fireworks maybe. To describe it I would have to say that you have the same sense of wonder as watching a pyramid except that it is not man made and you would thing that it is. You have wonderful carved faces and design all natural in the perfect ochre red colors. Just lovely. To see for sure at least once in a life time. Although it is pretty addictive I predict. So here are some examples of this amazing place. Thanks Nancy to share that little secret!

Rock Porn!!!!!!!!!!!

Should I say more...?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Escaping the Summer of Alaska

So the time arrived finally to flee the bad weather that we have had this summer. Nancy and I have flown in to Seattle on the 16th with the puppy... No Comment.... !!! Went to get the car at the terminal in Tacoma... Sweeet deal!!!! Thanks TOTE!!! Then we arrived in Issaquah to kidnapp Bunny. Of we were on our way to freedom, heat....and adventure. So now we are way into it but I will tell you that after having a fabulous meal in Walla Walla, WA (see Nancy's Blog for details... the picking were really slim. The puppy was in shock for two days and obsessed with Nancy and crazzy about Bunny and had forgotten about MMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
I enjoyed the breather.... but it did stress me to see that the puppy had turned psycho... she even shed teeth on the bed in IDAHOOOO! I must say that she has recovered since then. Nice to have a normal doggie again.
We have seen other crazzy happening on the road like two guys jumping off a bridge in Twin Falls Idaho (again!!! Idaho) They did have parachutes and landed like pros... Not my idea of a good time. We did go through Utah,,,,, nothing to add about that.
Anyway has been successful so far in entertainment. We are in Grand Junction now and it is fantastic. Nancy's House is a delight and the neighborhood will never be the same after our passage. Gaia has alerted everyone right away of our arrival. We had a lovely evening last night with champagne and pizzas and Craig came to join the fun that didn't end until 1am....

Today we drove to the Colorado National Monument. The pictures will speak for themselves if I ever want to share them with you... Just kidding. To be continued because I am in a coffee house (free internet) and don't have much time.

Only the beginning.....