Saturday, August 25, 2007

On the road to Flagstaff

It is with a bitter sweet taste that we left Grand Junction. We had such a Grand Time that it was hard to leave but it was exciting to get on the road again and experience new vistas. And we sure did. I was also very happy to see Emily and see her new surroundings in Flagstaff. So we left and followed the Colorado River for a while. It was another experience that would bring tears to your eyes. You just can't imagine that such beauty in color, texture and pattern can happen in nature. I was so excited about every bend on the road. I had to stop every five minutes of so to take pictures. I wanted to take the whole mountain range with me and the color and the light and the sent. It was a magical moment. One that you want to be able to replay in your mind and say I really experience that much beauty once.

We stopped in Moab for a quick lunch pick up. Fun town with lots of outdoors outfitters offer biking adventures and down the river rapids day trips and mountain climbing and yoga on the rocks.... They are really exploiting this area. I would love to go back and do some horse back riding some day.

We also saw some of the Monument Valley.... Nothing to add to that but "I can't believe that I am in the Western Movies of my Youth!" I thought that Charles Bronson was around every corner of the road on his horse. I was raised on those Images. I wish I had soundtracks of Ennio Morricone's movie to add to the drama. Just gorgeous!

We arrived in Flagstaff around 5:30 and got to Emily's apartment. It is really cute. Will post more about that tomorrow.
Well here you go


Carol said...

Fascinantes ces images !
J'aimerais tant faire ce genre de virée avec toi !
Gros bisous à toutes et à Emily.
PS :Maman est bien partie ce matin.

Anonymous said...

Roxane, it's great to see pictures of the red rock country. I hope Emily is ready for school. Lauren is having lots of fun in Williamsburg, big changes for her.
Enjoy the rest of your adventure.
Linda K.

Deb H said...

Don't you ever stay home Roxanne? How do you ever get anything done? You pictures are beautiful. I've only landed in the airport in Arizona, I'd love to explore those red rocky canyons.