Friday, September 14, 2007

San Francisco Street in Flagstaff

So the Mom Squad helped Emily organized her house and in 4 days they did it!!!! When we first arrived on San Francisco Street in Flagstaff I must say that I had my doubts.... A run down motel on route 66 with converted apartments and eclectic neighbors... Could all this be good enough for my little Princess???? Well I say now that yes. I this that my little gem is going to fit right into this blend of Americana and more. The Place is right next to a Hostel where I went to borrow a Philips screw driver to built shelves, a bed frame and a futon with the help of the other members of the Mom Squad of course. The other side is occupied by the Flagstaff Train Station with services to Los Angeles and Chicago, right in your backyard. The "fun" siren toots every hour day and night to make sure that you don't forget about those trains...That adds to the decorum!!! The NAU campus is only a block away and the old town is offering small delightful stores of all kinds (Dog friendly mind you), restaurants and cafes. There is a definite energy in that place and it is good energy. The mountains can be seen from town and they are covered with big evergreen pine trees. We experienced good old fashioned thunderstorms with big rain. I liked that. So here are some pictures to illustrate my little saga. I am looking forward to revisit this little town and will enjoy picturing Emily going on with a college life.

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