Monday, September 17, 2007

Here we go again!

After loading on cappuccinos and americanos, Nancy and I were off to California leaving Emily to start her new life as a "Flagstaffian". Five seconds before the trip and I was already missing her. I was to see Paul so that made me pretty happy and my Mom had arrived three days earlier in Los Angeles so more exciting things were ahead. The trip was very hot across the Mojave and not very happening but as soon as we got closer to Ventura the whole valley became green and full of vegetable fields. The fresh air of the sea was coming right into our car and it was intoxicating. The car had wings!!!!!!! So we got lost but a phone call to Gaylene and we were at her house. So good to see everyone! My Mom was already trying out her English and having no problem to be understood by Gaylene. Paul was working when we arrived but I got to pick him up from work and tuck him in bed..... Just like old times. He is very nice to his mother. ahahhah. We did get to spend some family time with my nieces Madison and Delaney and their parents Cynthia and Bob who have the nicest home, cute little dog name Coco. Gaylene's dog Lucy became Gaia best friend and they played and played and still play together in their dreams I am sure as Gaia is running when she sleeps. haaha. Too cute. Here are few pictures that illustrate those few days. I also got to see Curt's Dad. He is doing very well after serious challenges with his health. I got to meet Paul's girl friend Wendy who is very very nice. We visited Patty in Carpenteria just in time because she was flying out the next day to the east coast for a wedding. We got to walk in a street down to the beach and coming back we meandered through the vegetable and fruit stalls of the open market. Those people don't know how spoiled they are to have such produce. It was nice to see that they those still exist somewhere on this planet.... But soon it was time to say goodbye and on the road we were once more...

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