Friday, September 14, 2007

Sedona, Arizona

Emily lives 20 mn away from Sedona. Nancy and I took the back road on our last few hours in Flagstaff to take few more pictures of the red rocks.

We had gone already once to Sedona with Emily and Bunny few days earlier but had taken the road to Phoenix to get there. It was longer and not as scenic so beware when you visit the area. So once again rock formations and good inspirations mix together. The canyon is lovely from start to end. We follow the river and some areas have flat rocks where you can swim and have some wet fun. I hope that I do explore this area some days in more depth. They have little cabins that you can rent and resorts along the way. So here are the photos...Cam you guess who are the faces behind the shadows....hahhahah. One of them is Gaia!

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Carol said...

Que c'est beau ! Ce ciel d'un bleu irréel et l'ocre des rochers !
Très chouette aussi l'appartement d'Emily. Elle va économiser son réveil matin avec le train !!!