Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Homer last weekend

It was so nice to be home for few days. We even had some sunshine... I was surprise to see that the leaves had not turned as quickly as I thought they should have. My Mom and I have had little walks and adventures around town and then decided to go to Homer for the weekend. (5hrs from home). Curt and I have been thinking of buying a property there. It is just a dream for now but it doesn't hurt to look. It was the perfect weekend to go there. Still warm and a glorious blinding sunshine was lighting up the Kachemak Bay, the volcanoes, the glaciers and the people too. We walked on the beach, we cruised the Homer Spit, we shopped a little bit, we met with a realtor and looked at few properties. Oh and we ate at Fat Olives, a great Pizzeria + with good wines and at the Land's End resort at the end of the Spit just for the view, the food is just ok there. That is about it. Oh and when we went through Cooper Landing over the bridge the water was turquoise and the fishermen were on their boats rowing and it was just breath taking. There are some days that makes you be more alive than others, those were it.
Pictures anyone?

My Mom was so cute in all her gear. Don't you think? Especially when she surprised me and did the peace sign.... You never know with this lady! Then the sunset gave us a great show of light on clouds.

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Deb H said...

Welcome home again Roxanne. Too bad about your wine.

Fat Olive's is Homer is lovely. I loved the aroma from garlic, & the food was great!