Monday, October 8, 2007

C'est beau l'Alaska!

Yes, Alaska is beautiful! The Autumn season is very short but not to be missed. People around here do not want to go anywhere in the summer because they are afraid to miss the best part of Alaska. I totally disagree... not a big surprise some of my friends will say:" She disagree with everything!!!" Well they might think so because I do have few opinions and I do voice them out once in a while... I do agree with a lot of things though when you pay attention but that is another story... where was I? Oh yes the season that I would not want to miss is Fall in Alaska. The whole world here turns to gold. The forest is mostly made of Birch trees, some Cottonwoods that turn into the lightest shades of yellow to the darkest ochre. The ground turns to a rust up to violet offsetting even more the yellow of the trees. Of course you have the occasional green of the Spruce that are getting scarce because of the beetle that is slowly killing them all over Alaska. I happen to have few that are still healthy and I am very happy about that. I always make a point to take a lot of pictures during that time while going on walks and it never fails to give me a boost of happiness before settling into the dormant mode of Winter: The last hooray before the big sleep. In my opinion Summer is better spent somewhere else in order to be sure to have one. It rained so much this year and never got hot. I only ate on the balcony a couple of times this Summer.
The first week of October is also the Fall Retreat. I go among friends to an old boys scout camp where I spend four days sewing and creating in the woods. It is by Edmonds Lake and a small pond. The sunsets are unforgettable. The mountain behind the camp lights up on fire for a half hour. It takes your breath away. The reflection of the sky, trees and the leaves floating on the pond were such a sight I captured it

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