Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I have worked a bit in the studio and at retreat. Only one thing finished, many on the board, more in my mind. The show that I am working on is themed around "Labyrinths and Mazes". The choices and the decisions that you make in your Labyrinth, how you navigate in it and who you encounter along the way. The shieldsthat you need to protect yourself. The imaginative world that you build around it. Those demons that you need to conquer in order to advance in the maze and get to your destination. I believe that it is a subject that has been on my mind forever but to concentrate this in one show is challenging. Will there be any continuity visible that the viewer will grasp my theme without reading the lines of the introduction? Am I worried about the viewer or myself? I might be worried that I am not getting to what I am looking for... I might be worried to get to the destination before learning what I need to learn before getting there. Here are few of my attempts.

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Nanc said...

Hi Roxane,

Looks like you are making A LOT of progress! Good job! How was retreat?????