Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Work in progress

This quilt has been evolving very slowly in my mind for few years. It started with the red batik that I made at Color Creek studio one day with the NoNaMee's. It was an overall pattern of hearts. Very loose hearts intertwining into each other like a ribbon. It really illustrates what is "love" in a global sense. All those lives meshing in and out of each other and going on to seek more of the same. So I had always wanted to make something out of that piece. One day few years back still I cut out the batik into a coat of love. I wanted to represent that person walking and taking with "it" this symbol that would be warm and contagious.

The face came easily as a sort of a guru. One eye close to introspect, one monocle to continue observing life fully and the third eye with an hidden view of the truth. That connection to the sublime. Then again later I found the background piece that would be perfect. A sort of universal city like setting. That was to be my canvas for the Labyrinth of the person's journey. The route. Of course the ground has to be secure and straight for balance, for hope and for strength. I am still to work on that part.
Notice that the shoes are very soft almost like slippers not to startle or hurt anything under the sole not even the smallest bug. "I love it"... To be said with a German accent for best effect..ahhahhaha
Do you think that to know what is behind a piece helps the viewer or not? does it send you to a different direction to the one that you were going? I would like to know what you think.

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Nanc said...

Love it Roxane!!