Saturday, October 20, 2007

Halloween Bunco at Connie's

Yes it is that time again! Get your outfit ready and come on over to view our Monthly Bunco Babes Gathering. It is a tradition now that was started many full moons ago that the October Bunco would be staged at Connie's House (isn't she cute?). Why? It is the scariest house ever....but in truth: She is willing! Connie, who is the most hospitable of the bunch, loves to decorate her house for Halloween. OK, so this year we had two people backing out of coming at the last minute.... SCARY!!!!! for the hostess that had to find replacements in few hours but nothing to be afraid, Connie has resources (a phone and a computer and a long list of friends) and gathered two of her willing friends. So here are some pictures of our fun evening. The loudest were of course Helen and Becky. We will not mention the winners and the losers because Bunco has nothing to do with skills. I totally hate this game and have no luck whatsoever but usually end up with good partners that carry me to the finish line with gusto. Why playing then?.... Good question! Good company, good food and I always have the secret hope to be a Bunco Queen one day so I practice and persevere. Hahahha (use a wicked witchy voice when you say that)... So here we had Two Hippies (this is one of them, the other one was talking nonstop with Britney sort of a hippie groupie kind of gal... see above..., she even went to gather the bunco beads for Britney after she had a Bunco... unbelievable...ahhahha), an Indian Woman in an Arabic outfit (She has the cutest feet), a pirate and her parrot, an Hockey Aces fan and her friend's young parrot, a Storyteller (she didn't help us on predicting the winner...), Mother Earth (she was anointing us with sprigs of wheat for future fertility!!!!!!), a Scary Nurse out of Beetle Juice, Britney Spears with her dog..., A Commando Woman showing of and showing she can,

a Pregnant Woman (too much anointement on this one...), and a very Chic Woman who didn't know about the dressing part...
Thank you Connie for another year of fun.

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