Sunday, October 28, 2007

Out for a spell

Today I got to go to the movies and escape the Studio for few hours. I am working on four quilts at once. A bit complicated but it has some logic behind. One is at the beading stage so I can do that while watching television at night. One is in the tracing stage. It is a whole cloth quilt that I am going to manipulate after I do the stitching. Then one is on the board to ponder over. Then finally one is getting feathers for a couple of wings. I had made a quilt a while back that needed something extra. I always wanted to add wings. I found some interesting turquoise fabric that is working with the finished part. So there. I did trace a fifth one too but that one is going to have to wait for the whole cloth to be done. I also have to come up with a little blurb about the show. A final title would be nice too. I am thinking of Snapshots from the Labyrinth or From the Labyrinth or Fables from the Labyrinth. So anyway I am getting on panic mode right now. I did take a time out and got to see "The Darjeeling Limited". It was wonderful. I laughed a lot!!! It is about three brothers taking a trip to India after their Dad's death. Here is a link to know more about it. I did enjoy myself a lot. Got to eat popcorn and drink Coke... something I never get to do unless at the movies with Curt.

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