Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ouray, Ouray, Ouray

So did I tell you that Nancy and Warren have a house on Ouray Street in Grand Junction. That was reason to Cheer three times Ouray!!!! So we did! Their house is everything that you want in a little charming house. I looooove it! There is nothing to do to it. Everything has been redone in a very tasteful way. They are going to love living in Grand Junction so much that Alaska is going to be an after thought. We enjoyed helping Craig (Nancy's Son) get set up and teach Gaia to not bark at everything that moves ( water spray bottle in hand). So here are some pictures of our stay at the house. Nancy did give us a grand tour of the downtown area where Main Street is lined up with fun scuptures. Some are even for sale.
We did go to Palisades just a town over and tasted some wine and port. They grow good grapes in the area for sure. We decided to buy some good cheese to go with our good wine and had a last night feast. It was fun to toast, taste and be merry once again in Ouray, Ouray, Ouray's house.

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