Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Around the Studio and Beyond

Un petit tour d'atelier cela ne fait pas de mal. It can but one would have to look where to step and be careful of what to touch. Needles can make their way onto the floor and  travel so easily onto the surface of the tables. There are some obstacles like piles of fabric or work in progress that need to be stepped over. The occasional book piles and art supplies left on the floor. But please come in, now that you have been warned...

A lifetime of hording, that is sizable if  horded in one room, or one level, or one house. Add the same amount of years of patina over (dust some would say) and you have a pretty good idea of my space. A place to let one's imagination loose.

Where the visitor feels free to make a mess and not worry about it. Work on what one fancies. It has everything one would need, and more, much, too much more. It feels perfect to "this person".

You have the  children's projects hanging on the window's corner, the stacks of yarns, the inspiration board with multiple must do projects, the collections of whatever this person collects, the large amount of books on shelves and close at hand on the floor, the gifts from loved ones, and then of course the memories.

Sit, take a time out from the World, come and rest in meditation and listen to the soft music from the wind blowing through the trees,the birds nesting and the gentle rain landing on the roof.


Jennifer said...

Thank you for the invite and tour! You continue to tweek the creative atmosphere to another beautiful level just when I thought it could be no better. I see a "sleeping (young) lady" in the mountain seene of the Alaska birch tree piece. Did you do that on purpose?:)I love you, Jen

roxanestoner said...

Hello Sweet Lady, you. Your hawk eyes don't miss a thing, do they? I hope that you are having some great adventures right now. Can't wait to listen to all of them over a cup of tea. Love you too, my dear.