Monday, October 5, 2009

First Blog Award and Library Books

I can't keep quiet about it... I have been honored by Margaret from BookPlease with my first and probably only Blog Award. It is called the "I Keep Coming Back for More Award". Then Margaret is also passing on another award to all the blogs that are part of her blogroll so since my blog is part of it I believe that I can claim that one too... That one is called "Superior Scribbler Award". I don't know about that but it is nice to be thought of that way. You have to know that Margaret is such a wonderful blogger. She has opened up my reading to the World of Mystery Novels. Her reviews are inspiring and she also has renewed my interest of going to the Library. So thank you so much Margaret for so many things.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Roxane! I put a little on my blog, more to come. Miss you.

roxanestoner said...

Well Thank You Mam! I am going to go peek at your blog right now...
Happy adventures in DC.

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