Friday, February 2, 2007

In prevision of a trip to Europe

So I have decided to open a blog to let my family and my friends know what I am doing when I travel without them.... The big adventure is starting February 13, 2007. Curt my husband is traveling along with me until the end of February. We are celebrating our 25Th years of marriage. Quite a journey! So I will do some pre-voyage posting in order to learn how blogs work.


leknox said...

Hi, Roxane
I wanted to be the first commentor.
Have a wonderful journey to europe. Don't worry about the plants, I will take good care of them. I am looking forward to your blogs. Lauren and I suggest travel insurance.

roxanestoner said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you to brave the blogging world and be my first response. That will go into historical trivia for sure. Well I will keep you posted...ahhhahaha

Deb H said...

WELCOME TO Blogdom Roxanne! I'll add you to my side bar! Have fun on your travels, & please do keep us posted!

Nancy Dobson said...


I will miss you when you are gone, but glad I can keep up with what you are doing while you are away!
Have fun!

roxanestoner said...

Hi Deb

Thank you for adding me to your blog. I will try to do the same for yours if you don't mind. I just have to find the way to do so...ahahha

Patty said...

Hi Roxane,

I love being able to follow your jouney. This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. You don't seem so far away now.....

Be safe and enjoy it to the max! Love ya, Patty