Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dining with friends and family members... a real treat.

Well when vacationing in France it is a real coming home feeling when everyone you know wants to see you and invites you for lunch, diner and in between for long meals... so I have not been losing much weight yet... I am thinking that my diet is starting when I get back from Portugal.
So here are some pictures of our "Coups de Fourchettes" avec nos etres chers.
Chez Marie Martine (outside for lunch), Chez Carol pour l'anniversaire de Maman, avec Greta.
Bon J'ai Faim!!!!!! (OK, I'm hungry!!!!!!hahahhah)


Nancy said...

Hi Roxane! Looks like you are having fun visiting with all your friends and family! And all that! Looks fabulous! Enjoy all that good food.....your treadmill will be waiting for you when you get home...:>))
Cold, but gorgeous sunshine here. The mountains are beautiful!
Have fun!

zelmadg said...

Hallo hallo Roxane, hugs and kisses to your family...everyone looks so healthy and happy. Happy to have you home, I'm sure. Just finished all the Greek Island trip plans and looking at the French sunshine has made me ready to go sooner rather than later. Look forward to your next installment! ZD

Deb H said...

I expect to gain a pound per day on vacation. Heck in France, I'd probably gain 2! Oh the food!