Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dans la Vallee/ In the Valley (La Cagne)

So.... today was the visit with Martin and Dominique in the Valley of La Cagne... Remember you ladies that came along for some fun at Martin's. Well his parents were sharing the good food with us. Champagne (for the seventh time since we got here...) then good bordeaux. Oh the food well, Merguez, Lamb steaks with parsley potatoes baked in the oven, fresh green beans with garlic and herbs. Dessert was a lemon tart... Yes Bunny!!! Really delicious and we had some Verveine liquor made by Martin. This year he has made Thyme, Lemoncello and Verveine liquors... What an excellent idea. I got a small bottle of each to take home with me. Yeah.

So anyway... here is a picture of us once again dining..... and outside where the sun showed itself just enough time for it.

The last picture is of our sunrise this morning. The rest of the day was spent on the road preparing for sending off some goodies to Alaska.


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