Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goodbye Papa Bob!

Robert Claire Stoner

March 3rd, 1931 - November 11th, 2007

Curt's Dad has left us on Sunday morning. I am going to miss his booming laugh, his wit and his charm. He was unique and worth to know him. What found memories I carry in my heart. He made me love Los Angeles and it's little hang outs, it's architecture, it's beaches and it's history. He was to everyone "Bow Tie Bob". He was always the life of the party and he threw the best parties. From Halloween to the Kentucky Derby and the Mark's Brothers everything was a good excuse for a party. He loved food and was particular about how he liked it. His heroes were Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Howard Hughes, Ansel Adams. Strong eccentric men with visions. He enjoyed sport convertible cars and bicycles even tandems. He had a wide range of knowledge and could carry a conversation on many subjects. You could take him on a date to the library or a bookstore. His favorite spot I believe was Yosemite National Park. He loved skiing, playing Tennis, Sailing and bicycling. He was very proud of his children and family and recorded every events in their lives often on his walls. He was a proud man. He was an alumni of Penn State and followed it's football team with passion. I know I do forget things about what made him unique but to me those were the most important.
Thank you for the caring way you accepted me in your family Papa Bob. Happy trails behind the stars where the Unicorn rest...

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