Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Scarecrow With Murder On The Side"

My daughter had announced that she was going to be dressed as a crow for Halloween, along with ten of her friends, and so they did. Well when I told her: "Oh a whole flock" she responded to me: "Well it is called a murder of crow". Oh..., so that was new to me and I really liked that. I played in my mind with it, and played with it some more. I joked about that quietly to entertain myself (a bit lonely lately...and I have to supply most of the entertainment) and today, without warning, it translated into this piece. So of course I can't wait for it to be finished to share it because that is who I am and so here it is and it is all she wrote!!! (could not pass the opportunity there too)

 (it shows really blue on the picture but it is a dark grey with some green mixed with the midnight blue)

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Deb H said...

Beautiful Roxane!I love it!