Monday, November 29, 2010

WiggyStoner's Host Thanksgiving!

To Bend we went once again this month, this time for a fun Thanksgiving celebration. Travis' brother Eric was visiting and it was wonderful to meet him for this special tradition. While the Turkey and the Pork Roast were cooking we went for a nice brisk walk along the Deschutes River. Few people were playing ball in the parks in the snow. Few ducks were doing some comical landing on the iced river side. Others were just gathering in the open cold water. Walking back through the streets I found that amazing fence bordering an empty lot. There must be a really intersting story behind that one. Then it was time to eat and all was well consummed and appreciated. We had  pumpkin and pecan chocolate bourbon pies with whipcream outside around a cheerful fire. Just a great time all around. Curt, Travis and Eric went to town for a while and Emily and I stayed home and watched a movie. Cozy, warm and fuzzy. We left through Portland and reunited with friends that we had not seen for 19 years. It was just a lot of fun. They were so welcoming and made us feel like no time had elapsed. The Gross live in New Jersey and their daughter Allison just moved to Portland to live with her boyfriend. We had reunited earlier on Facebook and now the circle has taken shape with more project to see each other in the near future. Since them I have been in bed with a huge migraine that put me out for the count. Oh I am enjoying my new book "The Giant's House" by Elizabeth McCraken. Very different story. Don't know where it is going. No news from the our dream house yet. It is still following it's course.
So that is the story!


Nanc said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Have fun with Linda! Miss you!

roxanestoner said...

I did. We will. Miss you more.