Sunday, October 24, 2010

Between Two Rain Storms

Such an interesting weather to have, to hear and to watch. The sound of the rain as it battles the windows energizes me as much as a brisk shower would. I have more sense though than to go out and brave the elements at the moment but as soon as a ray of sun and the blue sky opens up: to the park I go, grabbing Gaia and my camera and here we go. All the foliage is turning right now. Not yet at it's peak but already colorful. The rain intensifies the autumnal colors and I go through them like an intruder with my dark clothes. It is not Warren, Pennsylvania but that will do. The park is full of life, dogs and their walkers, squirrels, ducks, seagulls... The soil is covered with the leaves giving their last breath, their last heart beats, their last hurrahs. I also see future lives in the horse chestnuts, the acorns, the maple seeds with their little wings. So much to see, so much to absorb. I am walking faster to try to bring some warmth into my body. It is crisp and clean. Everything looks so defined and pure. The sun rays disappear once again, dark clouds form in the massive menacing horizon. Time to go. Home again. The sound of the rain as it battles the windows soothes me and it is time to curl up in the big chair with a throw around me and pick up that new book, don't you think?

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Carol said...

Tu as une jolie plume et le sens de la narration, avec beaucoup de poésie....J'attends le livre ! caresse à Gaïa. Oups!bisous à toi !