Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marburg here we come

After 10 hours of flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt we drove to Marburg where Curt and I visited his adoptive family in Germany. Curt's best friend Walter invited us to stay at the Rosenpark Hotel. Walter's Mother Josephina was waiting for us with three gorgeous cakes and some good strong Geman coffee. His sister Renata, her daughter Susana, his brother Mamfred and Mike another poor adopted son from the family were all there to share the feast. Such welcome! Just incredible. Josephina is an accomplish embroiderer specializing in the needlepoints of her area "Hessing".
She had to take many classes and practiced by doing exquisit work on linen that she showed me. I was amazed by what I saw. Flawless handstitching. She surprised me with a pillow cover of her creation that I am going to showcase in my house. It is just gorgeous in the most yummy tan color. I am a lucky girl. well a lucky woman since I have long passed the age of being a girl I suppose.
Anyway this morning after a very long sleepless night we had a delicious and extravagant breakfast at the hotel and went on a very much needed walk.
Up to the castle on the hill through town passing old home five six story high with elaborate facades dated from the 1500's.
The craftsmenship of the time is not lost around as they are redoing the slates roof in fish scales patterns to this day on the outside walls and the roof. What a feast (this time without any calories involved) for the eyes. The Church is also something not to be missed. The outside sandstone sculptures are so well preserved. I fell in love with the doors. The color and the hardware, and of course the scale.
Mamfred came to find us as we were having a Halfen Wisen at the terrasse of a cafe. I also had some bratwurst with Kartofen and Kraut.. A perfect combination for the beer. So off we were on our way for more to see in town. A botanical garden with a medicinal herb garden and some ancient trees. The remains of an old chapelle. Oh an a visit of Walter's office. It is located inside an old pension hotel "The Muller Haus". A large office with a beautiful two sided desk and a view of the river. Something to be proud of. Now back to the hotel for a quick nap and time to post this and then we shall have our Cake and Coffee around 4pm and dinner at 6:30 with Mamfred and his wife. What a life...


Nanc said...

Sounds marvelous! Have a wonderful trip. I'll be anxious to hear all about it when you return!

Iliana said...

I've never been to Marburg but it looks beautiful. We got back from Germany last Tuesday and I so miss my coffee & cake afternoons! Have another bratwurst for me will you? :)

Enjoy your travels!