Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Successful Trip

Well we are back at home safely after two weeks of "Marathon Traveling". The mileage was impressive but oh so worth the effort. We got to see the most wonderful people in my family. I have been blessed to be born in this part of the World. The south of France is the most beautiful place on Earth. Touring through ancient villages uplifts my spirit to great heights. The rough cut stones have been the foundation of my love for this area. Of course the bountiful vegetation with the year round blooming flowers and fruits, the sweet sent when you walk and the vistas surprising you with the blue sky and blue water of the Mediterranean sea is something that I never get tired of. Anyway the people that live there close to my heart blend in this all perfect place and so although we had to drive long hours to get there to see all that for few days my heart and body have been fulfilled with a big dose of well being.
The wedding of Martin and Dominique was the excuse for the trip so here are some of the highlight of this very special day:


Nanc said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful trip, Roxane!

Iliana said...

Is she dancing in the kitchen? Gorgeous! Congrats to the happy couple and glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Did you go to any bookstores over there?

Jennifer said...

Oh Roxane~ no wonder you are so in love with this Land. The history, the lighting, the art, the ocean the views, the character, the people. Martin and Domonic are absolutely gleaming with love for each other. Thanks for sharing your trip... I am so glad for you~ what an incredible experience and part of Who You Truely Are.

roxanestoner said...

Iliana: Dominique was twirling in the kitchen. I introduced D. to Martin 4 years ago. It has been one romantic affair since between the both. He asked me to be his best man. How could I refuse... lol
It was a wonderful thing to witness their happiness. No bookstore shopping, No shopping at all, only people bonding this time. It was good though. I also got to bring back some old books and hand painted prints from my Dad's estate as well as his carving tools. I will do an entry soon on those treasures.
Jennifer: I do hope to get to introduce you first hand to this part of the world some day. It is very very special. I can see you bloom there and your heart sing.