Thursday, September 9, 2010

The WiggyStoner's came to call...

So Emily and Travis came over for few days last week. So fun to have some young blood in love around. So we did some going around, eating, checking, laughing, talking. It was full moon so Emily and I spent the night outside. We got to the Farmer's Market on Broadway, a little restaurant Rosewood Cafe that was to come back to often, to the Swiss for an adult beverage and a little bit of walking. So fun! Well of course I started missing them after 5mn that they were gone. Sniff!

 Terry came for a little visit too. It was a lot of fun to take her around the bead shops (Shipwreck in Lacey is HUGE)  and quilt stores (not so spectacular but nice). Her daughter Shelly came to pick her up and we spend the last afternoon looking at open houses after a fabulous lunch at Anthony's at Point Defiance. Delicious fresh seafood and peach dessert.. What would we do without food???? We would drink you say?.... well then! I am just glad that we can do both.
The Tall Ships were out for a Sea Fair event. I love those guys.

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