Thursday, January 31, 2008

On s'amuse

A bit of fun in the house. A little watercolor. Nothing much but a bit of color and movement on paper. Those people are floating in the watercolor. Just for fun! It was O degree F. outside and really crystal clear. The trees were growing..... frost. The only winter blossoms around here. But not to be discarded all the same.
Also in the summer I had "pealed" some bark from the birch trees in the backyard. So I used some as paper and printed on it this after I carved the stamp out of an eraser. She looks a bit scared. Oh well. I am going to use it in the collage. This one is just a beginning. Don't know where it is going. No idea.Today was as cold as yesterday. I made some progress in the studio. I started to carry boxes out. Tomorrow I shall take some of the trash out. I attempted to move the "big ugly" (Tall dark armoire) by myself without any luck. This will have to wait for Saturday. There is very little place to walk in the room right now. It is the most chaotic state! Unbelievable. I might take a picture of it tomorrow if I am courageous enough.
I am looking for another metal cabinet, four drawers Simplicity pattern. If any of you can tell me if you know of one somewhere.... Please let me know!
I am watching "Moliere". For once the costumes are better for the men than for the woman. There is some really good sepia color shots. Particularly one fun part where Moliere is teaching Monsieur Jourdan how to play the part of a Horse. All that in a light color sepia with the hair of Moliere moving like the mane of a wild steed. That was good. Moliere was only dreaming of playing tragedies, alas he was born to write comedies. He revolutionalized the 17th century with them.

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nanc said...

Great watercolor painting.. and print on the birch bark! Love them! Oh, it looks cold there, but so beautiful. Have the eagles been out? Sounds like you are being very productive, and I can't believe you tried to move the "big ugly" by yourself! That's just crazy! Funny, you are clearing out your studio, and I'm trying to fill mine up! Miss you!